Writer, artist and comic book essayist Jesse Hamm has died


Jesse Hamm, a comic book author and artist known for his great advice to online comic book creators and comic book essays, has passed away.

Jesse Hamm, famous author and comic artist, whose “Advice from Jesse Hamm” The Twitter account has helped thousands of burgeoning comic book creators who died on Wednesday. His wife, Anna Sahrling-Hamm, broke the tragic news on his Twitter account that Hamm had died from a blood clot in his lungs.

Hamm was a member of the Portland-based company Helioscope studio.

Hamm had worked as a professional artist for years, but his first major mainstream comic book was the 2007 graphic novel, Good like lily, which he drew with writer Derek Kirk Kim for DC’s short-lived (but way ahead of its time) Minx line of books. He worked for Marvel Comics on an issue of Hawk Eye with his student Helioscope, Steve Lieber, during the famous Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth participated in this series. He worked for DC on a number Batman ’66 with another Helioscope student, Jeff Parker.

Parker and Hamm went on to make a brilliant series of crossovers for Dynamite Entertainment, Flash Gordon: Kings Cross, bringing together a number of characters from King Comics Syndicate in a very fun adventure.

Hamm also co-wrote (with Mark Rodgers) and drawn the series, The blessed machine, for Mad Cave. Most recently he was working as an artist on Dark Horse Comics’ Plants vs. Zombies series with another Helioscope student, writer Paul Tobin, with Plants vs Zombies Volume 18: Constructive Tales released in July.

Although Hamm is an excellent comic book artist, he was perhaps even better at writing. about comics. He jokingly described “Hamm’s tip” like, “JESSE HAMM won’t let his lack of fame or achievement stop him from tweeting advice to everyone!” but his work on “Tips From Hamm” was an impressive achievement in itself. He had a great way of teaching people a few words on Twitter and his advice was great. He would also sell collections of his tips on Gumroad and he would have other comic book pieces creating advice on his Patreon.

Years ago when Good like lily just posted (the above photo of Jesse from ComicVine was from that period), Jesse wrote an outstanding column for “The Comics Should Be Good” here at CBR on Eight Things He Would Like To See More In The Comics. You can read it here and read it will give you a little idea of ​​the loss his passing represents to the comic book world.

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