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The young billionaire geniuses of Silicon Valley can honestly believe they are more benevolent, smarter, and cooler than America’s golden age robber barons who ruled the economy over a century ago. , but they might well be fooling themselves. They are certainly trying to deceive us.

No one is a better example of this than Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, a grown man with an innocent face and over $ 108 billion in reported net worth. He wants us all to believe that his world-leading social media company is a benign influence that improves society by allowing people to make new friends online. Any negative impact from his business, he says, is accidental and not his fault.

Growing evidence points to Zuckerberg being either deceived or dishonest. A whistleblower, former Facebook data scientist Frances Haugen, recently testified before a Senate committee, criticizing Zuckerberg and his colleagues for knowingly allowing content on their platform that seriously harmed children, as well as failing to adequately monitor a torrent of disinformation that is seriously undermining American democracy.

Why would Facebook do such things? To reap even more massive profits, Haugen said.

Meanwhile, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing Facebook for the second time over the company’s alleged violations of state campaign finance laws. “Facebook is a commercial advertiser, but it considers itself above this law,” Ferguson accuses. “Even after a previous trial and the initial complaint in this case, he still refuses to provide the public with access to all required information on political advertisements.” There are plenty of other allegations against Facebook, enough to make many members of Congress believe it’s time to put the brakes on the social media colossus. We’ll see if that happens, but, at the very least, it would be nice to hear the Facebook team admit that they’re more than just kids giving people a place to post photos of their cats. They could well be the thief barons of a new golden age.

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