Who is Kraven the Hunter?


Kraven, Squirrel Girl’s best friend

If you can’t imagine Kraven being Squirrel Girl’s best friend, then you don’t know anything about Miss Doreen Green. After crossing paths several times before, they developed a mutual respect. In fact, Doreen believes deep down that there is good in Kraven.

Instead of kicking him in the butt, Squirrel Girl tries to tackle the root of Kraven’s problem – Spidey. She proposes that he can’t beat Spidey, but that he can’t lose to him either. If he has to go on with his life unable to die or gain the death he thinks he deserves, it is time he looked for more dangerous prey. Because Spidey isn’t that, mate. New mission: hunt underwater monsters. Giganto, Kraken, giant squids. It’s time to go to sea.

Later, Squirrel Girl asks Kraven to join her with her friends for a few skirmishes, including in an escape room. To cement their friendship, Doreen reveals her civilian identity to Kraven (but he already knew it).

Ruining the mood, local authorities ended up arresting Squirrel Girl, Kraven, and their friends for resisting arrest. During the trial, Squirrel Girl and her friends were able to prove their innocence, while Kraven couldn’t prove he was not guilty. Doreen tried to convince Kraven to become his crime fighting partner to show his kindness, but he refused in order to work on himself on his own terms. All is not lost though, as he told her he would accept her offer at another time.

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