Who are Eleanor’s powerful friends? The Iron Man Villain link explained

Hawkeye Episode 1 saw Kate’s mother Eleanor refer to mysterious “powerful friends” – is Iron Man villain Madam Mask set to appear in the MCU?

This article contains spoilers for Hawk Eye episodes 1 and 2.

Marvel’s first two episodes Hawk Eye The Disney + TV series set up the classic Iron Man villain, Madame Mask, and that might explain Eleanor Bishop’s powerful friends. Marvel has been setting up the Young Avengers for quite some time, using Disney + TV shows such as WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to feature heroes who are traditionally part of the superhero team. But Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, is the first to truly co-star in a series.

Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton may be the main protagonist, but in reality there are two Hawkeyes in Hawk Eye. Disney + sets up Kate Bishop as the next Hawkeye, a teenage-turned-vigilant who takes on organized crime and even becomes the leader of the Young Avengers in the comics. The first two episodes are sort of an origin story for the new Hawkeye, and it’s not hard to spot the foreshadowing to suggest that she will eventually bring down the Criminal Empire ruled by the Armand family. But, even though it’s easy to miss, Hawk Eye Episode 1 also sets up a potential Iron Man villain.


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In one scene, Kate’s mother Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) is unimpressed with Armand III, an elderly man who threatens her during a high society fundraiser – and prompts Eleanor to warn her that ‘she has powerful friends herself. While not developed, in the comics Eleanor is a singularly shady figure in her own right, and she is closely associated with a crime boss named Madame Masque. One of Tony Stark’s lovers, Madame Masque has always been particularly interested in acquiring Avengers-level tech and selling it to the highest bidder – and, fittingly enough, there’s a black market auction going on. at the “charity event” which Eleanor attends in Episode 1, an auction that she later claims she knew nothing about.

Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop in Hawkeye

In the comics, a girl named Courtney Frost was adopted into a wealthy family, only to learn that she was, in fact, the daughter of a crime boss, Earl Nefaria, who recruited her to infiltrate Stark Industries. Frost was involved in an accident that left her face transformed into a web of scars, and although she used plastic surgery and masks to disguise it on occasion, she never really forgot the horrific experience. . Slipping on a golden facade, Courtney became “Madame Masque”, a crime lord in her own right. There has always been a fascinating dynamic between Madame Masque and Tony Stark, with Mask ironically falling in love with Stark, leaving her in conflict instead. Marvel Television featured a version of Madame Masque in Agent Carter season 2, but the canonicity of that is questionable, and there’s no reason Marvel couldn’t modify it to fit the MCU.

It’s possible the MCU will turn things around, revealing that Eleanor’s powerful friend isn’t Madame Masque but rather Vincent d’Onofrio’s linchpin; There have long been rumors that he would appear in Hawk Eye, rebooted for the main Marvel Universe. But it would also be quite fitting for Marvel to handle Eleanor’s subplot in a comic-book-like fashion, leaving the two Hawkeyes stuck between rival criminal empires. Madame Masque could have filled the void left when Spider-Man took Vulture down in Spider-Man: Homecoming and she would certainly love to get her hands on any Stark tech; Hawk Eye Episode 1’s black market auction featured a mysterious watch, possibly connected to Stark himself, which may contain advanced Stark technology. The potential of the story is clear, so hopefully Madame Masque will indeed make her MCU debut sooner rather than later.

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