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Several great stories from the DC Universe are available to read online for free, including the foundational stories of the members of the Suicide Squad.

DC Comics has started offering more and more of its classic comic book library through its DC Universe Infinite app. Formerly a comic book reader and show streaming app, the service is more than ever dedicated to providing readers with an easy way to enjoy DC’s best comics. While some of these comics require a subscription to the service to access them, there are several free comics available through DC Universe Infinite as well.

DC Universe Infinite offers several seasonal comics for free to readers, and this stable’s current comics form the foundation of the Suicide Squad franchise. Here’s a look at what comic book readers can download for free, why they’re so awesome, and what the app now has to offer.

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Free Suicide Squad Comics

Rightly so, the current crop of free comics now offered on the DC Universe Infinite app is about the Suicide Squad. Considering the Villains Team has just released a big blockbuster movie, it makes sense to take the opportunity to show off what is considered one of their best comics.

The free comics currently up for grabs are the first eight issues of the famous Post-Crisis Suicide Squad book by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell. Showcasing the now-iconic Suicide Squad premise, this race featured villains and anti-heroes from various rogue hero galleries. These included characters associated with Batman such as Bronze Tiger (who is actually a hero) and Deadshot, as well as the Flash thug Captain Boomerang. Leading the squad is the now well-known Colonel Rick Flag, the son of a WWII soldier of the same name who led the team’s original incarnation.

The first issues of the book quickly establish the Squad’s status quo – that the team has no real status quo, and anyone can die at any time. He also focused on hard cookie Amanda Waller, the team overseer who had previously been featured by Ostrander, Len Wein and John Byrne in the Captions mini-series. The somber tone and less optimistic atmosphere of the book and of a DC universe where overpowered individuals were not inherently trustworthy firmly set the new DC continuity apart from its pre-.Crisis counterpart.

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Other Infinite New Comics From The DC Universe

As mentioned, these books and the race as a whole are classics that show off the best of the team. Many of the stories are stand-alone, but they have brief narrative snippets that continue into future stories as the series grows. The socio-political aspects of the book are exposed quite often, with one issue dealing with race riots in a city center while a branching storyline deals with tensions between America and the Soviet Union. This probably dates the book, but most will find this historical nature both endearing and interesting.

Along with these free books, DC Universe Infinite also recently added several other titles that can be read with a subscription. These included American vampire 1976, a horror comic book owned by the creator of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque that derives from their previous American vampire delivered. Other books include Future state titles and several classic Milestone Media comics, making the service well worth the price of admission. The free books now available are even more of a godsend, giving those who enjoyed the Suicide Squad movies to get a taste of the stories that started it all.

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