What Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Can Learn From The ’90s Cartoon

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should look to be even better than its predecessor, and some inspiration from the ’90s Spider-Man cartoon can help with that.

Marvel’s First Spider-Man Was Critically Acclaimed, But Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could be even better if inspired by Spider Man 1990s animated series. Given the cartoon’s success and popularity, there are definitely several aspects that could translate to gaming. If Insomniac’s sequel can recapture that same kind of charm, then its success would be all but guaranteed.

the Spider Man The anime series ran for 65 episodes over five seasons and garnered incredibly high praise, being one of the most popular children’s shows of its time. With the series accolades, it would be an obvious choice to take some of its most effective and beloved elements and try to incorporate them into the gameplay and story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Although there have been many Spider-Man cartoons, with the prequel Spider-Man: Year One recently announced, the 90s classic is the best source of inspiration. There are some aspects that would probably be difficult to transition from cartoon to game, but a lot of things could easily be adapted without issue.


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A major element that should be included in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is appearances of other superheroes. Spider Man featured several episodes where Peter Parker teamed up with another hero when they had a mission in the neighborhood. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone like Luke Cage or Daredevil crossed into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 either – especially since the first game referenced both characters. It also fits Marvel’s long-term canon, as New York is home to several Marvel superheroes. Additionally, more heroes appearing in the story open up the possibility of undertaking more potential storylines and side missions.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can up the ante like the 90s cartoon

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Another strong aspect of the cartoon was its writing. In Spider Man, Peter had a fairly large cast of allies and foes, and most of them were developed enough to be the focus of their own episodes. The first one Marvel’s Spiderman has already laid the groundwork for this by introducing the likes of Silver Sable and Morgan Michaels (aka Michael Morbius), and the sequel may expand that cast even further. With the arrival of Miles Morales marvel’s Spiderman 2, the game is already a step ahead in including beloved characters. However, it may go one step further by introducing more Marvel heroes besides Miles, starting with some of those referenced in the first game, like Daredevil or Doctor Strange.

One more thing that Marvel 2’s Spider-Man can take Spider Man is a grand finale. The animated series ended with several alternate universe Spider-Men battling a version of Peter that had been taken over by the Carnage symbiote. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should aim to have an equally satisfying final chapter. It should be built over the course of the game rather than serving as an action-packed finale to a mostly episodic superhero spectacle, but the end result should still be just as powerful, particularly if Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 includes more web-slingers in its own way. Superhero media has always had a fondness for grand finales, so Insomniac’s next game should ensure its own final act is as much of a highlight as its previous Marvel title.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is slated for a 2023 release, but the only things that have been revealed so far are a Tony Todd-voiced Venom and the possible involvement of Kraven the Hunter. The first game already shared some similarities to the 90s cartoon by focusing on an older Peter Parker, but going deeper and expanding the universe could be just what the sequel needs to be both bigger and bigger. better than its predecessor. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be in development for a while, and hopefully the inspiration from a classic cartoon will help it become one of Marvel’s next hits.

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