Week present in Bidenomics – The Cartoon Presidency


Have you met Leo de Peoria? Otherwise, it will let you see why Congress should save President Biden’s welfare program and bring America back under observation. Leo and his mother Linda are animated characters who play lead roles in Biden’s new “Build Back Better Framework”. You might be examining what’s going on with this system, since Biden has promised to “build better” for essentially two years, and Congress has committed to the laws since Biden took the work environment into it. January. The other half is that the newer frame is rather much smaller than Biden’s earlier plans.

Also new: a White House effort to humanize and simplify a legislative monstrosity that few Americans fully understand. This is where Leo and Linda come in. We first meet Linda, dressed in a helmet and tool belt, when she is pregnant with Leo and working in some sort of manufacturing factory. Leo was born. He grew up, attended trades school, found a job as a unionized wind technician, and conscientiously took care of his mother as she got older.

Democrats with very slim majorities in the House and Senate were unable to meet Biden’s one-time request for $ 3.5 trillion in new spending for inexperienced vitality and social apps, so Biden reduced his request until ‘to about $ 1.8 trillion in new spending over a decade. The leaner executive is more likely to succeed than the overloaded overall offer that Biden started with, but surely it’s not a shoo-in.

Along the way, Leo and Linda benefit from the policies Biden is trying (and struggling) to get through now. Linda receives the Expanded Child Tax Credit, which increases her after-tax income by $ 3,600 per year (at an annual cost of approximately $ 100 billion to taxpayers). She receives childcare grants ($ 25 billion per year) and Leo participates in a free preschool program ($ 17 billion). After high school, Leo gets grants to attend community college ($ 29 billion). His job in the wind turbine is one of 4 million created by Biden’s green energy investments ($ 56 billion). Finally, as Linda gets older, she qualifies for new Medicare benefits and subsidized senior care ($ 40 billion).

Biden needs Leo and Linda as a counter-narrative to his Democratic allies in Congress, who are about to get ridiculous. The story is now familiar, but to recap: Liberals and moderates in the Democratic Party are arguing with each other over how much money to spend on social programs. Liberal progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Pramila Jayapal take an all-or-nothing approach: if their party does not approve all of the $ 3.5 trillion Biden originally wanted, they will not compromise.

Get it now? Leo and Linda will have stable and fulfilling lives thanks to the Build Back Better framework. And since you now realize how crucial Biden’s plans are to serious, hard-working Americans like Leo and Linda, you’ll be asking your representatives in Congress to pass legislation that might otherwise die due to undue complexity and confusion among voters.

As a result, a second big bill – the bipartisan $ 1,000 billion infrastructure bill – is in jeopardy simply because Democrats won’t approve it. The Senate has already passed the bill and all the House has to do is approve it in a party line vote, which would give Biden a major legislative victory. But a handful of progressives say they will pass the infrastructure bill unless they get everything they demand from the welfare bill. Exasperated, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to miss the deadlines for passing the bills Democrats are supposed to favor because Democrats themselves will not vote for them. If Congressional Democrats had their own cartoon mascot, it would be Wile E. Coyote, who always finds a way to lose no matter what.

It’s easy at this point to mock Biden’s presidency as a cartoonish enterprise brutalizing his speech to voters in a desperate effort to save something Biden can declare a victory. Biden’s approval rating is declining, and his feuding party increasingly appears to be heading for a bombing in the 2022 midterm election. The Democratic Party’s self-immolation has supplanted betrayal by the Republican-dominated Mafia. Trump as the country’s first political soap opera.

Biden could still win. Many analysts view Democratic internal struggles as a fairly typical legislative sausage-making that is heavier than usual simply because the Democratic majorities are so narrow. If Biden ultimately gets something like a $ 1.8 trillion welfare bill, it could still be transformative legislation directing huge new dollars into social programs and green energy transformation. . If he could get that kind of victory out of the bag, his scores might improve and his party might look less ridiculous as we approach the mid-term of 2022. For now, however, Democrats look inept and Leo and Linda are in trouble. Linda may have to cope as a working parent without much government help, and Leo may have to compete hard in the private sector to earn a decent living. It’s a cliffhanger.

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  • Week present in Bidenomics – The Cartoon Presidency
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