WebToon Issues Apology After Controversial Ad Calls Comics ‘Secondary Hustle’

An ad from Webtoon, one of the largest online comic book publishers, recently went viral for all the wrong reasons. The ad, which appeared in New York City subway stations, featured artwork by Lore Olympus with the text “Comics are the fun side of literature.” The ad was quickly noticed by artists and creators who took to social media after the ad was posted on Twitter by Andy Lowthe creator of Kennedy Homan, very unhappy that their work has been reduced to “parallel agitation”. Now Webtoon has issued an apology for the controversial ad.

On Tuesday, the company released an official statement on its Twitter apologizing to the creators and promising to update the ads “as soon as possible.”

“To all the creators in our community today: We apologize. We want the world to know that comics are for everyone. Everyone who loves great stories in any format will also love your comics But our ad copy missed the mark,” the statement said. Lily. “We live and breathe comics every day. They’re not a side hustle, second choice, or afterthought. They’re what we live for. Creators are the foundation of WEBTOON. We’re also passionate about your stories than you, and fully appreciate the time and effort put into your comics. We will update them as soon as possible and consider all comments.

While the “side hustle” ad was perhaps the source of the most anger, it wasn’t the only ad that left some creators and readers a little sour. Others shared images of announcements online that said “We think 2D crushes are still crushes” and “Your favorite streaming platforms love us,” noting that it gives the impression that the underlying message of the campaign is that comics are somehow inferior to other media or platforms.

Webtoon is a webcomics platform with over 72 million monthly active users. The platform includes content in the form of content around the world, including several works of Korean manhwa and the popular series, Lore Olympus. Webtoon was launched in the United States in 2014.

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