War Of The Bounty Hunters Alpha # 1 Review: Challenges


One of the funniest things we’ve seen about the Mandalorians is that they’ve become the central theme of a new Star Wars meta-story from the Mouse House of Ideas. This story, located between the two The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, talks about the number of challenges that can arise between Bespin and Tattooine.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter War Alpha # 1 Cover. Credit: Marvel

After stepping away from ineffective blaster fire from Solo’s rebel friends, Boba Fett ran into a slight technical glitch that required a stop on Smuggler’s Moon. Hence, a situation familiar to fans of The Mandalorian appears: Fett needs something, and to get it he just needs to help with a little thing. This whole situation escalates (as it should) and leads Fett to face greater consequences.

Charles Soule’s screenplay wonderfully captures Boba Fett’s taciturn humor and the rough edges of the galaxy’s worst corners. The artwork of Steve McNiven, Laura Martin, and Travis Lanham is stunning, adding flair and flavor to the worlds of this franchise.

Saying too much about the details of this lovely story would spoil it, but this issue is a complete story in itself while setting a table of delicious storytelling ideas for the story to come. It’s a fun trip to the edge of the galaxy that won’t cost as much as parking at a Disney theme park. EVALUATION: BUY.

Star Wars: Alpha Bounty Hunter War # 1
By Charles Soule, Steve McNiven
THE STAR WARS COMEDY EVENT YOU’RE WAITING FOR! Famous bounty hunter BOBA FETT has finally landed his biggest prize – HAN SOLO, frozen in carbonite for easy transport. Fett will bring the ferryman to TATOOINE to retrieve the huge bounty placed on Solo’s head by the dreaded crime lord JABBA THE HUTT. It sounds easy. What could possibly go wrong?

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