Two-Day Cartoon Workshop at IIMC Ends Today – Odisha Diary

Dhenkanal: The two-day cartoon workshop held at IIMC Dhenkanal ended successfully today. The students had a great time learning the art of ideation and comics for effective and creative visual communication. The two resource persons, Debashis Singh and T. Nandeshu, received overwhelming engagement from the students throughout the duration of the workshop.

“There was a lot to learn from this workshop. Before doing cartoons, I learned a lot about how to choose a subject, how to cartoon it, and how to interpret it, so that people understand it. I also learned the basics of comics, its practical side,” said Asim Mishra, a student at Odia Journalism.

Speaking about his experience, Prashant, an English journalism student in the current class, said: “I learned the art of comics – like how to choose a subject, what treatment to employ, how to form characters and use our imagination, to say the least. I’ve found popular comics to be a very interesting medium, and I think if I practice enough, I can make good comics. However, I am inspired to become an editorial cartoonist one day. Let’s see.”

Resource Persons – Debashis Singh, the editorial cartoonist of ‘Sambad’, and TK Nandeshu of ‘The Prameya’, also analyzed the cartoons made by the students and discussed various aspects of them. Later, cartoons made by students were displayed. The cartoon was well received by all present.

“I have always been interested in cartoons. However, I discovered that making a cartoon requires a lot of art, technique and subtlety. This workshop was a very fruitful experience for me. said Shubhalakshmi Ojha , another journalism student from Odia. Similarly, Shubhshree Shubhsmita, another student in the current class, said that by attending the workshop, she learned a lot about making cartoons. “There was Lots of ideas on how to derive character shapes and actions from simple line art and stick figures. I really enjoyed doing facial expressions, and now I feel confident enough to convey general stories and specific issues through comics,” Subhashree said.

Attending the closing ceremony, Ravenshaw University Professor Sri Benudhar Panda presented certificates to participants. IIMC Regional Director, Dhenkanal, Professor (Dr) Mrinal Chatterjee highlighted the importance of cartoons in journalism and wished the students every success in their creative endeavours.

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