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Magic mashup!

Magic mashup!, a new adult fantasy webcomic from Lady T. Musings, contains a sweet and fun mix that includes body positivity and captivating world-building.

The world of Magos is full of magical wonders. Junah, a twenty-three-year-old mage, leaves her home in Fayetown to attend the Institute of Mystical, Magical and Mythical Arts. On her way, she meets the sorcerer Kaelen and other new friends. She adjusts to her new school while discovering her brooding new roommate Kaelen.

Magic mashup! serves for the construction of a fascinating world and for a dynamic characterization. The creator effortlessly weaves essential details about the history and level of technology through sources of information and scenic moments. The details about the different classes of mages (like wizards) and abilities aren’t confusing or convoluted.

Magic mashup!  by Lady T. Musings
Magic mashup!

The design and arc of Junah’s characters impressed me. A plus-size black woman, neither the story nor the supporting characters demarcate her for her appearance. Before entering the Institute, she lived most of her life at home. Her family supports her goals and encourages her to pursue them. Junah, the protagonist of her own story, is not a source of development for supporting characters, not even Kaelen. She accommodates herself and exercises her magic without shame. She is her own character instead of an ideal or stereotype. She is a dynamic and lovable person with concerns and aspirations.

Magic mashup!  by Lady T. Musings
Magic mashup!

While he is currently on hiatus, Magic mashup! packs in complex world building and character dynamics for its first chapter. It’s a stimulating webcomic that explores your self-esteem and the magic within you.

Magic mashup! is available for reading on Tapas.

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Author: Brahidaliz Martinez

Brahidaliz (pronounced Bra-da-leez) graduated in 2019 from the Masters program in Creative Writing at American University. They are Submission Editors for Uncanny Magazine. Their diverse areas of interest include intersectionality in apocalyptic and disaster films, artificial intelligence, writing for animation, YA SFF, and LGBTQ + portrayal in children’s media.

Pronouns: he / they
Location: DC Metropolitan Area

Twitter: @brahidaliz

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