Top 10 Comics Based On Movies

Some movies never have enough time to tell their whole story. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of scrapped material and lore being scrapped for execution reasons. And for the audience, they catch part of a bigger insight into a bigger story.

RELATED: 10 Movies That Deserved A Video Game Tied InHowever, while many movies may not have a chance on the big screen anymore, their stories can still find new life in other ways, such as comic adaptations. Through these new avenues, fans learn more about the world or the characters they love. Likewise, they let writers explore story ideas that the source material didn’t or never had time to do.

ten Die Hard Lives Again

the die hard the franchise never took off after the first movie. However, the series gained another chance with the miniseries Die Hard: Year One. The comic is set before the first movie, with John McClane still earning his stripes as an officer. However, he would soon get his opportunity as it seems he always had a bad habit of being dragged into bad situations.

From stopping a terrorist attack on a yacht to solving a citywide blackout, John McClane has had an entire career on his hands. The comic is rough around the edges at times, but the story shines in many ways. While the die hard series remains dormant, maybe one day it will return with a vengeance.

9 John Wick hits book syndication

Audiences know very little about John Wick despite being the film’s protagonist, but they still feel the impact he has on the world because of the way other characters talk about him. The prequel comic lets fans learn more about the dreaded Baba Yaga.

RELATED: Every John Wick Movie Ranked, According To CriticsThe comic follows his first vendetta, how he became part of the underworld, and how he started earning his reputation. The story isn’t as tense as in the movies, but the comic still has some good action and gives readers more insight into the criminal underworld.

8 Bill and Ted have a great comic

Bill and Ted traveled through time, but now they’ve found themselves in the comic world with a miniseries called Bill and Ted’s Excellent Comic Book. The comic began as an adaptation of Bill & Ted: fictional tripbut it soon evolved into another sequel to the story.

The comic is cheesy and weird, but so are all of them Bill and Ted radical adventures. He still wears the Bill and Ted charm and feel right at home with the original movies. Although it’s not perfect, the message it carries is timeless: be great to each other.

7 The Wizard of Oz heads to the Emerald City once again

The Wizard of Oz not only impacted the film industry, but the comic book industry as well. The Wonderful Wizard of Ozbased on the MGM film, would mark the first time DC and Marvel would collaborate on a comic book.

Despite its history, the comic is still a fun adaptation of the movie, full of the kind of charm that can only come from the Bronze Age of comics. However, for those who want more Oz adventures, Marvel released another Oz comic in 2009 which adapts 6 of the 14 Wizard of Oz books.

6 Sonic blurs the line between his movies

Sonic is no stranger to the comic book world. From his 24 years with Archie to his current IDW series, Sonic has a steady career in print, but 2022 marked the first time the comics adapted the movie counterpart Blue Blur. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: the official preview of the film is an anthology set before the second film. The comic answers many of the film’s lingering questions, but shows how the characters’ lives have changed. It’s a short read, but I hope readers don’t speed it.

5 Dark Crystal sheds new light on Thra

When The dark crystal finished, the film left its audience with the promise of a new world, a new beginning. The power of the black crystal picks up one hundred years after the original film. The country was prospering and the Gelflings have returned, but the land is plagued by pestilence and famine.

RELATED: 10 TV Series That Deserve A Second ChanceA Fireling comes to the Gelflings hoping to save his dying world with a crystal shard. With the crystal shattered once more, the stars tell a prophecy, one where one world must die for the other to live. The issues are engaging and bring to life the storyline that would never hit theaters due to the first film’s poor box office. This comic presents itself as a true hidden gem.

4 Back to the future brings the past back to the present

Doc and Marty are not yet free from the timeline trap. The film’s credits may have rolled in 1990, but IDW stepped in in 2015 to give fans a better look at the characters’ future. The series began with a collection of short stories, mostly of Doc telling his children about his time-traveling adventures that fill in missing scenes from the movies.

Starting with issue #6, the story continues where the movies left off, with Marty missing Doc and the thrill of time travel. From there, the characters travel to 2035, encounter another time traveler trying to steal the flux capacitor, and more. Fans of the film should give the series a watch. After all, time waits for no one.

3 Labyrinth attracts fans again

Labyrinth has had many comic adaptations over the years, from Back to the maze to a special comic in 2017. However, Labyrinth: Coronation takes the place on the list as it recalls how Jareth became the Goblin King. As the events of the film unfold, Jareth tells Toby a story, which he claims has a stronger protagonist than Sarah.

RELATED: 10 Movies That Should Have A Crossover With Another FranchiseThe story follows Maria, a woman who also ruled the Labyrinth after her husband wished her son to be sent to the Owl King. Although the maze looks different, its rules (or lack thereof) have not changed and the stakes are still high. The comic has amazed readers with the insights it brings to one of Jim Henson’s most intriguing and mysterious worlds.

2 Ghostbusters is a specter to behold

The Ghostbusters never get bored in their work. IDW in progress ghost hunters The comic presents itself as a worthy continuation of the passion project of Harrold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd, expanding on the foundations they established in the 80s while remaining true to its roots. The comic is full of sharp writing and strong characters.

However, the series is not only a tribute to the films, but to the entire franchise with appearances and references from The Real Ghostbusters for Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. The series is a love letter to the world of Ghostbusters, and any fan should try to snare a copy for their collection.

1 Star Wars reaches for stays and beyond

star wars comics abound. The companies have produced comics about the series since the original trilogy, and Disney continued to produce them after buying the franchise in 2012. Regardless of canonicity, readers have plenty of material to sink their teeth into.

The comic book series is impressive in both its variety and the breadth of the expanded universe it spawned. While not all comics are great, many are. The comics have garnered a dedicated fanbase, which speaks volumes for the impact they’ve had on the franchise.


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