Top 10 cartoon heroes with the most blood on their hands

When it comes to action cartoons, even the heroes aren’t as innocent as they seem. It might sound like fun for kids to fight bravely as the hero of the story, but the sad reality is that these characters are able to fight another day because they were able to kill on the battlefield.

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The enemy can be aimed at the hero or maybe it’s the hero who has to stand in the way of the villain’s evil plot, either way, it’s win or lose, with their lives on the line. On rare occasions, it is It is the hero himself who is the cause of death, or deaths, but whatever, the end result is the same. As innocent as most of these shows tried to be, one shouldn’t ignore the bloody deeds each of these characters took.

ten She-Ra: Adora is powerful enough to fight a small army

She-Ra Adora as Princess of Power

On her own, Adora is a capable fighter on the battlefield, but when she unleashes her legendary warrior power She-Ra, she is capable of much more. Before she really began to master her abilities, Adora was able to fight a small group of Horde militias to protect a town.

She was even strong enough to destroy one of their tanks, which certainly could have killed anyone nearby. While the series remains PG in the standings, with all of She-Ra’s intense battle and strength, there’s a good chance that due to collateral damage Adora has blood on her hands.

9 Samurai Jack: Jack has a little more than robot oil dripping from his katana

Samurai Jack holding his sword

Although Cartoon Network wanted to keep the Jack Samurai PG series, it was inevitable that Jack would have blood on his hands. For the most part he fights robots, but to be fair some of these robots were very human deep down and their deaths caused Jack great pain.

Not all enemies can be robots, and there are a number of bounty hunters out there who stalk Jack. These enemies wouldn’t fall easily, so Jack had to pull out all the stops and end them before his life was over. These hunters appear in the episode “The Princess and the Bounty Hunters” and are never seen again because Jack has their blood on his hands.

8 Adventure Time: Finn learns that being a hero comes with a lot of murder

finn the human attacking with the sword

As a keen adventurer, Finn took part in many battles and therefore killed a number of enemies. Throughout the series Adventure time, he had to fight against vampires, demons, zombies and all kinds of monsters. Regardless of why the fights are taking place, Finn must either kill or be killed.

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Most of the time, Finn is just trying to be a valiant knight, defending the Candy Kingdom from any threat. There is no indication that killing these enemies causes him great pain, so most likely, Finn has accepted every part of his hero work, including covering his hands in blood.

seven Legendary Defender of Voltron: Keith is the deadliest paladin aboard Voltron

Voltron Keith Blade

As defenders of the universe, VoltronPaladins must do everything in their power to protect and keep the peace, including killing their enemies. Of all the paladins, Keith has the most blood on his hands. As the pilot of the Red Lion, he has killed the enemy several times on his own, and his sword is also commonly used to win battles.

As well as fighting within Voltron and his own mecha lion, Keith is also a foot fighter. After joining the Blade of Marmora rebel group, Keith was sent on dangerous missions, which surely took their toll on both sides. Given that he survived his missions, it stands to reason that Keith could have more casualties from the experience.

6 Adventure Time: Marceline may not drink blood, but she still spilled a lot of it


Marceline the Vampire Queen has had her fair share of bloody battles throughout the wild events that occur in the series Adventure time. She killed the Dimple Plant Monster in season 1, 13 demons while possessed in season 4 and 9 of the world’s most powerful vampires.

With the powers she possesses, she could easily be a bounty hunter or perhaps work as a bodyguard for her beloved princess Bubblegum, but her main goal is to melt spirits with her sick guitar beats.

5 Steven Universe: Garnet Took Many Gemstone Lives In The War For Planet Earth


When the two Ruby and Sapphire gems merged to form Garnet, they were lost. It wasn’t until the Merged Gem met Rebel Leader Rose Quartz that she found direction in her new form and new life. Their rebel organization was called the Crystal Gems, and although most of the story is only shown in short flashbacks throughout Steven universe, fans know it was an intense battleground.

As a member of Crystal Gems, Garnet risked his life to fight the Gemstone Empire that sought to take over Earth and expand its oppressive rule. Many gems are said to have perished during the war, and since Garnet was on the front lines and survived, it stands to reason that she is the source of these many destroyed gems.

4 Steven Universe: Pearl was involved in the war from the start

pearl with his collection of swords

Before the start of the war between precious stones in Steven universe history, Pearl was the bodyguard of the rebel leader and therefore always by his side. As the protector of Rose Quartz, Pearl was always ready to take a life and potentially sacrifice her own. When the war finally began, Pearl’s death toll increased exponentially.

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Even after the war, Pearl and the remaining members of Crystal Gems had to deal with some enemies who returned to attack them, like the mini centipeetles from the first season.

3 Happy Tree Friends: Lumpy Was The Supreme Murderer In This Twisted Series

lumpy moose turned into a vampire

The cartoon of the early 2000s Happy tree friends greeted viewers on the deadly adventures of several bloodthirsty woodland creatures. Each episode featured these adorable looking characters turning against each other in the most gruesome way, which always ended with one, or more, of them dying a brutal death.

Of all these violent animals, the wildest with the highest death toll happens to be Lumpy the Moose. According to fandom, Lumpy has counted over 300 kills, which is the most of the series. That’s a lot of blood for a wacky moose.

2 Castlevania: Trevor Belmont knows how to kill since he was little


As a member of the Belmont family, Trevor learned how to kill demons at a young age, a great talent for the many Belmont generations. The family was well known for their skills in hunting down demons, vampires, and other supernatural beings, but in the animated series Castlevania, it is revealed that their talents were taken in the wrong light.

In this series, the Belmont family were hunted down due to the belief that they were conspiring with the same heinous creatures that they were in fact trying to destroy. This left young Trevor with no family to call his own, and all he was left with were the skills to destroy demonic beings. It works for him after Dracula starts an apocalyptic war on humans, but that doesn’t mean Trevor is relieved to any degree. He’s tired of all the murders he has to do on a daily basis.

1 Rick & Morty: Rick’s Wild Adventures Always Got Someone Killed

Rick and Morty - Rick Sanchez

The series Rick and morty follows drunken but resourceful scientist Rick Sanchez as he leads his family members Morty, Summer, Beth, and Jerry into one sci-fi fiasco after another. This series isn’t afraid to be extremely bloody, with at least one or two deaths in each episode.

While Rick doesn’t always pull the trigger, his ideas or actions are almost always the reason someone dies, making him just as at fault. Whether it’s illegal activities and deadly inventions, to creating a theme park inside a living human, Rick always does something that will lead to the death of one. personage.

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