These 22 face-to-face cartoons frankly defy God’s will


I’m sorry, but Pearl’s Spongebob should never try anything other than a three-quarter angle.

If you’ve been on the internet for a while now, you’ve probably seen a few * deeply * uncomfortable cartoon images facing the front. I love how unusual it makes well-known animated characters look – here’s a list of my favorite examples!


I think of Mordecai and Rigby face to face Regular show All the time:


This photo of Roger from american father lives for free in my head:


I can’t believe it * was * Speckle’s picture Tuca and Bertie has chosen to supervise:


This photo of Lenny from The simpsons is absolutely haunting:


And Moe doesn’t look too hot either:

In fact, almost every Simpsons the character was messed up by the animators:


If you are as obsessed with these as I am, I * strongly * recommend that you check out this Tumblr page dedicated to the face characters of The simpsons.


You’ll never look at Phineas and Ferb the same again after seeing them face-to-face:


If I ever seem distracted, there’s a 90% chance I’ll think of Pearl facing the front of Sponge Bob SquarePants:


Laws of Family guy * knew * that his full face was worth posting:


Although TBH, she was beaten by Brian:


I really think Fry’s nose is more offensive than this outfit in that frame of Futurama:


Respectfully, this is NOT Pearl’s look from Steven universe:


I think the bravest thing Courage the Cowardly Dog has ever done was to show face-to-face:


I just want you to think about the fact that this is what Olive looks at before kissing Popeye:


This image of Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball completely changed my view of the world:


I demand a support group for people who have seen this photo of Beavis and Butthead:


The animators of Pinky and the Brain must have had a rough day when they showed The Brain from the front:


This image of Fred Flintstone’s shaving makes me glad they didn’t have Stone Age bathroom mirrors:


And last but not least, Gretchen from Break did absolutely nothing to deserve this angle:

Do you think we missed a really compelling example? Let us know your face cartoon character image in the comments below!

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