The Walking Dead world expands in Image Comics’ first volume of Clementine


The zombie-filled world of The Walking Dead expands in an all-new series from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment featuring Clementine Book One!

The universe of The walking dead is about to expand as Picture comics and Skybound Entertainment launch an all-new spinoff series with Clementine Volume 1. The walking dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard is known for his brutal works as well as his grown-up tones and style, and although Clementine Volume 1 will exist within the same apocalyptic world, it will appeal to a totally different audience. While The walking dead fans will surely enjoy the next graphic novel, Clementine Volume 1 will be the start of a brand new Image / Skybound initiative.

From award-winning writer and artist Tillie Walden, who is responsible for the production of critically acclaimed books including Spinning and On a ray of sunshine, come Clementine Volume 1. The all-new, original graphic novel will mark the official launch of Skybound Comet, a new imprint aimed at mid-level readers ages eight to twelve as well as readers of young adults ages twelve and older. Unlike a group of adults unleashed against the zombie apocalypse, the new Walking Dead The book will follow a group of teens working together to fight the Walkers, throwing characters related to the new book’s main readership straight into the action.

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Clementine Volume 1 follows the main character, Clementine, as she sets out to forge a new path and put her mysterious traumatic past behind her. During his journey through the world of The walking dead, Clementine meets an Amish teenager named Amos and the two set out to survive. They decide the best way to stay alive is to set up their own camp in a former Vermont ski resort, where they meet a small group of teenagers who are already working on building a house without a walker. The book promises a gripping story full of friendship, rivalry and romance and the grim revelation that as winter continues in their northern colony, the Walkers may be the least of their worries and the real threat to their collective survival can be each other.

The book’s main character, Clementine, embarks on a whole new story, but fans of The walking dead may be familiar with the character. Clementine made her first appearance in the video game franchise Telltale’s The Walking Dead. While Clementine Volume 1‘s featured character may not be a main actor in the original The walking dead comic book series, it’s refreshing to know that the new graphic novel set in the popular zombie-overrun world stays true to the established all-media tradition of moving the new story forward.

This new chapter of The walking dead saga is an exciting milestone for the series, but the book launch also marks the start of a whole new initiative for a number of books produced by Comics of images and Skybound with Skybound Comet. After leaving Clementine Volume 1, Skybound Comet to release original graphic novel Daily Hero Machine Boy with Tri Vuong one of the talents working on the book, who is the same writer / artist who takes the helm of the new one Lego ninjago comic series. A number of other original graphic novels from Picture comics, all aimed at intermediate and young adult readers, are just around the corner all with The walking dead extended universe book Clementine Volume 1 take the lead. Clementine Volume 1 will be released on digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play on June 22, 2022 and wherever books are sold on June 28, 2022.

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