The best intros of these 4 cartoons from Cartoon Network

Television is a huge draw to those who are now known as “Gen Z”. Young people, especially minors, are born mostly with electronic devices on their belts, and one of the things that catches the attention of children the most is the television stations that broadcast cartoons. There is a certain age where the animations are striking and one of the ones that is most clear about this is Cartoon Network.

Released October 1, 1992, Cartoon Network it remains more relevant than ever with users despite the passage of time. With a varied program dedicated exclusively to children, it continues to be successful throughout its history. But, the truth is that there are series that are unforgettable despite the fact that the generations change and so does the interest.

In fact, there are four cartoons in Cartoon Network that never go out of style. When they premiered, they were all the rage and still are today. However, it should be noted that this is not only the story they tell but also the level of production and, even, the soundtrack with which they were accompanied. Out of all the series on the TV channel, there are four cartoons that have the best intros and, from Spoiler, we remind you of them.

The best intros of these 4 cartoons from Cartoon Network:

4. Pokémon:

With 18 seasons, this series was released in 1997. It has been on television for 24 years and is still very popular with audiences. In fact, the rage of Ash, Brock and Misty is such that in addition to the series there are also a large number of video games on this story.

In addition, the introduction of this series, which varied over the years, also positioned it as one of the best. The children, fans of animation, managed to enjoy the opening music for several years.

3. Courage the cowardly dog:

It came out just a year before Pokemon. And, with four seasons, it’s added to Cartoon Network’s list of the best anime intros. This dog’s completely fictional story has made it a favorite among fanatic users of the channel.

2. The super girls:

It is one of the most iconic animated series in the industry. Released in 1998, it spanned six seasons and even established itself as one of the channel’s most successful series. 23 years ago this drama went into production and to this day it is still vividly remembered to the point that a live action was about to be premiered.

1. Dexter’s laboratory:

Launched in 1995, it was one of Cartoon Network’s most important comics, along with The Powerpuff Girls. With seven seasons, it was entirely dedicated to children and was one of the stories that most motivated young scientists to pursue their dreams. This is because, the protagonist, has created his own laboratory in his room to be able to explore his knowledge.

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