The best comics of the week of September 15, 2021


It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Fantastic Five! Several top-notch comics have been released this week, but we’re here to find the cream of the crop; the five best books of the week based on the score they received here at the IYPA. This week’s top five books come to us from Marvel, DC, and IDW. Let’s check them out!

Sonic the Hedgehog # 44

Emotional, expressive, heartbreaking and immensely satisfying. This is Sonic character drama at its best.

Read Reg Cruickshank’s full review:

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‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ # 44 is sweet and sad

Superman and Authority # 3

Mikel Janín, Travel Foreman, Grant Morrison, and the company offer cheerfully pointed, beautifully illustrated commentary on some of the trends in contemporary comic writing and reading that is as funny as it is insightful.

Read Justin Harrison’s full review:

‘Superman and the Authority’ # 3 is a hilarious and sharp comic book

Batman: Urban Legends # 7

Is there a superhero that suits the futuristic twist as well as Batman? This book answers that question with four great Batman stories that play out in already created sandboxes, but bring new and clever ideas. If you’ve come to love Futuristic Batman, Batman: Urban Legends # 7 is a cathedral of great ideas, brilliant visuals and delicacies.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

‘Batman: Urban Legends’ # 7 features brilliant ideas, visuals, and delicacies

Spider Woman # 15

Spider woman # 15 continues to excite, even though it’s a “slower” problem for the show. There are always explosions, a fight streak with dazzling artistic ideas and a rather uplifting focus on a young girl in need of a little guidance and support. The creative team continues to blend good character writing with the best comic book action today, making this perhaps the best Spider-Woman run yet.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

‘Spider-Woman’ # 15 delivers the best Jessica Drew comics… ever?

Eternals: Thanos Rises # 1

This book takes a little patience to let it sink in on you, but once you’re completely engrossed, it’s hard not to marvel at how smart the story is. As Gillen said in the AIPT interview in August, this is a great berserker sci-fi mythological comic. Eternals: Thanos Rising feels from another world as if it came from another dimension, offering secrets and pleasure that we dare not touch, but that we must.

Read David Brooke’s full review:

‘Eternals: Thanos Rises’ # 1 is an otherworldly joy to read

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