The art of turning women’s soccer stars into cartoons – The Athletic

I spent a lot of time with Sam Kerr last week. Specifically, with 11-year-old Sam Kerr, nimblely rendered in cartoon form with a candid smile and perpetually raised eyebrows, and amicably followed by his dog Penny.

The DeLorean’s key flicker, we’ve been in her history lesson with her best friends Dylan, frizzy-haired Indi, bully Chelsea and her sick teacher Mister Morton. I witnessed her first moments on a football field – so anxiety-inducing that she forbade her family to attend her debut for the Knights under-12 team – practicing backflips in the yard of recreation of East Freemantle Primary School, where unimpressed classmates call him “Circus”. Dog”, and his horror of having to wear a dress and take dance lessons for his cousin’s wedding.

I also spent time with teenage Vivianne Miedema: a fictional Miedema who, in The Missing Footballs, also spends half her time as an amateur detective for FA Rood-Wit in the Dutch province of Holland North. We pored over newspaper clippings and rode the country roads on her friend Robin’s bike in pursuit of the proverbial ‘man in sunglasses’, who – spoiler alert – turns out to be the husband of the film scout. the national team who came to invite Miedema to a tryout day, much to the delight of his otherwise irascible and hard-to-impress coach Freek.

Then, in A Soccer Field Full Of Sheep, Miedema’s friend Louisa opens an animal sanctuary next to the soccer club, angering the board. The large opening sees a donkey pooping on the ground. “Manure is good for grass,” Miedema said dryly.

This cartoon world adjacent to ours is now several books deep.

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