The adventures continue to keep the animated series alive in the comics


Batman: The Adventures Continue has expanded the world of Batman: The Animated Series with DCAU confronts Azrael, Deathstroke, and the Red Hood.

Last year Batman: The Adventures Continue Batman: The Adventures Continue has taken readers back to the World of Batman: The Animated Series for more stories about the DC Animated Universe version of the Dark Knight. Franchise veterans Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, and Ty Templeton have returned in this fan favorite version of the DC Universe to feature DCAU takes on iconic storylines and characters like Azrael and the Red Hood.

Now, Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II is set to return to this world with the DCAU debut of The Court of Owls and the return of Unlimited Justice League alumni Deadman in the first chapter of season 2. But before that happens, we go back to everything that happened in the first “season” of Batman: The Adventures Continue.

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Batman vs. Luthor

Batman: The Adventures Continue opened with Batman investigating the theft of Brainiac’s head, which Wayne Enterprises was testing in favor of Superman. The Thief was a giant robot, which quickly made Batman assume that Lex Luthor was behind the larger plot.

When Luthor had Batman at his mercy, Batman was able to save himself by hot-wiring Brainiac’s head to fire a laser at Luthor. Batman donned a Black Knight Return-inspired the armored suit for its final conflict with Luthor and unleashed the robot’s power source, Superman, with a Kryptonite explosion.

Death blow

Deathstroke introduced himself to the Batman family as an ally helping them in the battle against Clayface. He used the threat of Firefly to make himself better with the family, teaming up with Robin to fight the pyrotechnic villain. He was able to convince Batman to join him in stopping Firefly’s attack on the Tri-State Dam.

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Unsurprisingly, it was all a ruse. Firefly was actually Deathstroke’s partner Sunny in disguise. They were hired to kill Batman by Luthor, who still prided himself on defeat. Deathstroke took the initiative to make Robin and Batgirl his charges after Batman’s death. Ultimately, Batgirl and Robin helped defeat him after being told about his plans. While he is no longer a physical threat to Batman, this was not his last appearance.


The adventures of Batman continue Azrael

Azrael was introduced to DCAU as a contemporary of Batman instead of a protégé. During his training to become Batman, Bruce Wayne studied with the Order of Azrael of Saint-Dumas. The violent vigilante was drawn to Gotham after Catwoman stole Magdalene’s shawl, a sacred relic with purported healing powers.

In order to protect Catwoman, Batman helped Azrael retrieve the shawl from the client who hired her to steal it, The Penguin. Batman even loaned Azrael armor similar to his Batman “Knightfall” costume. As it turned out, Penguin was just the middleman in the sale; the shawl was bought by Mr. Freeze, to revive his wife Nora. Once the shawl was retrieved, Batman and Azrael went their separate ways into allies.

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Red Riding Hood

Red Hood and the Bat Family - The Adventures Continue

Having been teased throughout the previous chapters of the series, Jason Todd’s introduction to DCAU was the primary focus of Season 1. Although he informed Batgirl of Deathstroke’s duplicity, he spent most of it. of his time hunting down the Bat-Family. His story was similar to the comics. He was Batman’s troubled second sidekick whose violent tendencies led to a falling out between the dynamic new duo.

After a violent encounter with the Joker, he appeared to die in an explosion. In The adventures continue, this happened while Batman was saving the Joker. Jason tried to force Batman to kill the Joker, but his plan and his underground hideout fell apart. He appeared to choose death over reuniting with Batman, but was saved by an opportunistic Deathstroke.

Ventriloquist’s Retreat

Ventriloquist Scarface Batman

In the vacation-themed finale of Season 1, The Ventriloquist Arnold Wesker was able to stay on the right track after his release from Arkham Asylum. He was surrounded by criminals at Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s Christmas party and was briefly reunited with his former boss, Scarface, by the Joker.

The Joker used Wesker to gain access to Scarface and his huge stockpile of plastic explosives. It ended up backfiring on him. Wesker left a clue that led Batman and Robin straight to the Joker and allowed them to stop his New Year’s bombing. With Scarface destroyed in the fray, Wesker was free to celebrate his new start.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II # 1, by Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Ty Templeton and Monica Kubina, goes on sale June 1 from DC.

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