The actors we think should play Wolverine in the MCU

Hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) agreed to give Snape (Anna Paquin) a ride in Bryan Singer. X Men. Their first verbal exchange in that first scene was punctuated by the dry, comedic shine that Jackman brought to the role of Logan: after he stormed off, initially leaving Paquin’s Rogue on the cold streets, she shouted at him: “I saved your life.” Logan flatly replies, “No, you didn’t,” alluding to his healing superpowers, before slamming his car door and driving off.

Jackman also brought the requisite ferocity, charm and charisma to Marvel’s iconic X-Men character, which dates back to 1974. Wolverine is a mutant who possesses animal-like senses, enhanced physical abilities, a powerful ability to regeneration and three retractable Adamantium claws. each hand. He has been variously depicted as a member of the X-Men, X-Force, Alpha Flight, Fantastic Four, and Avengers in the comics. And since 20th Century Fox has been acquired by Disneyfans are excited to see how Logan could fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially considering Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessPatrick Stewart’s latest trailer apparently introduced Professor X.


The five actors listed below are those we think could fill the role well, following Jackman’s 17-year portrayal of the legendary character. You’ll notice that each A-lister here somewhat resembles how the mutant has been physically portrayed in Stan Lee’s comics, but the role requires complexity far beyond anything similar. Here’s a breakdown of our favorites, based on their action movie experience, filmography, and overall background.

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Keanu Reeves

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“How about I give you the middle finger and you give me my phone call?” The intensity, confidence and occasional humor that Keanu Reeves brought to Neo in The matrix is unprecedented – despite the fact that several other actors were originally considered for the character. It seems like everyone loves Reeves and knows he’s an action king who will also bring the acting chops. Reeves’ talent could bring new life to the character of Wolverine that fans haven’t seen yet. Interestingly, Reeves is Canadian, just like Wolverine.

Kevin Feige reportedly met with Reeves to discuss various MCU roles. We know he can take on action roles fearlessly with enough commitment to stunts and choreography to sell every fight scene, but it’s his searing intensity that would make the John Wick actor — trained in judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu — an ideal Wolverine. Some other movies that effectively groomed Reeves for Wolverine include Speed and Breaking point. “I always wanted to play Wolverine” Reeves once said during an Andy Sirius XM radio maintenance. Only time will tell.

Joel Edgerton

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Over the years, Joel Edgerton has established himself as one of the best contemporary actors. He’s got the right scruffy look and body type to embody Logan’s character, and he’s got the down-to-earth attitude. The acclaimed dramatic actor with prominent roles in Animal Kingdom and Gatsby the magnificentbut he also knows how to handle himself when it comes to action, as exquisitely shown warrior against Tom Hardy. It would be perfect for a one-off, or maybe a new trilogy. Some other movies that effectively groomed Edgerton for Wolverine include It comes at night, Gift and Black Mass.

Justin Theroux


Justin Theroux has actually been part of the MCU in the past. He worked as a screenwriter on the 2010s iron man 2 but in the years that followed, he received much acclaim for his on-screen endeavors. He starred on HBO Leftovers as a tormented police chief struggling to deal with the sudden disappearance of 2% of the world’s population. As Kevin, Theroux displayed a set of chemical emotions and at times these mixed into bursts of combustible anger. Such complexities could truly bring unique new life to Wolverine in the MCU, as a big part of Wolverine’s acting is about portraying the character’s inner turmoil.

Theroux also runs Apple TV+ The Mosquito Coast as a scruffy, distressed father – also helpful in preparing him for the complicated role of Logan. And his stage-stealing supporting turn in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s miniseries Maniacal because Netflix proves that it can also provide a bonus of charm and humor. Some other movies that effectively groomed Theroux for Wolverine include Mulholland Drive, The girl on the train and The spy who dumped me.

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Sam Worthington

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Remember when Sam Worthington was the next big thing? However, it seems that even Avatar couldn’t do the Australian actor many favors over the years. That said, there’s no denying that an Australian can pull off Logan, as Jackman himself has proven. There’s also no denying that Worthington is a fine actor who has improved a lot in recent years. A superhero role might be just what he needs to get him back on top. Worthington knows how to deliver the kind of intensity a character like Wolverine needs, complemented by his tough, manly features and deep, deep voice. Hopefully Kevin Fiege and the other minds behind the MCU decide to give it a shot. Some other movies that effectively set up Worthington for Wolverine include Terminator: Hi and Clash of the Titans.

Scott Eastwood


Perhaps best known as the son of legend Clint Eastwood, Scott Eastwood has always been able to make his mark in Hollywood as a reliable leading man, especially with his starring role in the outpost. Could the somewhat unknown actor make his big mark as Wolverine? Well, fans seem to think so, as fan art of the actor as Logan has already started doing the rounds. Indeed, Scott Eastwood has asked fans to start a petition calling on him to play the next iteration of the beloved member of The X-Men. Talk with Popculture.comScott was asked if he thought Wolverine fans should start the petition, to which he replied that they should “start it”.

Plus, check out the deepfake that allowed Scott Eastwood to make his own sizzle as Wolverine. The viral video shows Scott in a number of clips that won fans over, which is no small feat. Also check out the comments: Wolverine fans are almost unanimous in their approval. Some other movies that effectively set Eastwood up for Wolverine include man’s anger, The fate of the furious and Pacific Rim: Uprising.

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