The 5 strongest (& 5 weakest) magic users in cartoons

Magic is a powerful thing, but not everyone can master it. Even in cartoons, the ability to use magic requires immense study and concentration, and even more practice. If the magic user fails any of these challenges, they are doomed to falter in the face of better prepared witches and wizards.

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With a number of cartoon series showcasing magic as an ability, some stand out as the most powerful, while others are left in the dust as magical failures. While each of these characters are impressive in their own way, there is a distinct difference in each of their abilities. Some have failed to impress with their magic. Others never fail to impress.

ten Weakest: Ice King has power but loses focus (Adventure Time)

ice king of adventure time

The source of the Ice King’s power is his magic crown, but the downside to the headgear is that it pushes the user towards complete madness, as revealed Adventure time‘s Season 5. The Ice King was a clever teacher who could have become a brilliant wizard if he had had the chance, but instead he fell on the crown and used it to save life. of a loved one.

It is because of the power of the crown that the Ice King, otherwise known as Simon, is out of control. Little focused on smart tactics and unable to take advantage of his incredibly versatile magic, he is always treated like a jerk and fails just about anything he tries, which unfortunately steals princesses most of the time.

9 Strongest: Frida is the smartest witch for her age (Hilda)

Before being introduced to magic in Hilda, Frida was already well beyond her years of intellect and maturity. With the right approach to magic, she was able to help her friend Hilda out of trouble on more than one occasion. When the time came for her to apply her magic skills, she proved to the hidden witches of her hometown just how capable she was.

In one episode, Frida and Hilda help the local town librarian, who is secretly a witch, when she is having trouble with the witch’s council. Together, they face a series of challenges that the group of women was only able to overcome thanks to Frida’s quick-wittedness. In the end, she summons magic powerful enough to save all of their lives and is even greeted by the committee as a witch-in-training.

8 Weakest: Slime Princess’ Slime isn’t strong enough on its own (Adventure Time)

Slime Princess has never been a fit fighter in most Adventure time series, but after learning that she is one of the elementals, she gained the power to detonate powerful streams of mud, turn others into mud people, and absorb people. As impressive as these skills are, they are nothing when used by someone as inexperienced as Slime Princess.

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With similar powers, Princess Bubblegum could explode candy and turn others into candy, but her powerful blast was found to have more strength as she could knock down buildings. More than that, Bubblegum was also strategic and inventive with his powers, coming up with a number of ways to improve them. Slime Princess, on the other hand, was not creative with her powers and was not prepared for battle, which is why, in the end, she did not do as much as the other characters in the series using the magic.

seven Strongest: Princess Allura was strong enough to save lives on many occasions (Voltron)

Princess Allura in Voltron Legendary Defender

As a member of the Altean race, Allura was already immersed in the ways of magic. After losing her people, with the exception of her advisor and friend Koran, Allura had a lot to prove as an Altean and as a member of the Voltron team. With her magical abilities, she was able to fight against the powerful witch Haggar, overcoming the illusions of the witch that had stopped so many before her.

More than offensive magic skills, Allura has the miraculous ability to control life herself. She not only brought two of her comrades back to life, but she was strong enough to help revive every reality in the galaxy by the end of the series. Her vast knowledge of alchemy, as well as melee combat, makes her a versatile force to be reckoned with.

6 Weakest: Ford Pines is a genius but lacks magic practice (Gravity Falls)

Ford Pines - Gravity Falls

Throughout the series Gravity falls, the mystery of the supernatural encyclopedia journals, and more specifically, the author, were recurring themes until the introduction of Ford, brother of Stan Pines and rightful author of the books. Since he was young, Ford has always been fascinated by the strange and supernatural discoveries of the world and has chosen to study them during his career.

His studies took him to Gravity Falls, Oregon, where he wrote about all of his magical discoveries. Throughout the series, many of Ford’s discoveries, which include the use of magic, help the heroes overcome obstacles and sometimes cause obstacles. That being said, as powerful as all this knowledge is, Ford has never proven himself to be a powerful user of magic, ultimately failing to save the world. Maybe if he had had more time in the real world, he could have practiced his skills.

5 Strongest: Gideon Gleeful has mastered his magical powers, making him a frightening foe (Gravity Falls)

gideon lifting the ladle with his power

Gideon was Gravity falls’ first main antagonist, and beneath his cute dimples was a menacing wizard with powerful abilities. At first, Gideon used his powers to make money with the people of Gravity Falls, but when protagonist Dipper approached Gideon to tell him that his sister was not interested in him, that’s when – where Gideon showed his true colors.

Gideon was in love with Dipper’s sister, Abel, so when Dipper told him that Abel wasn’t interested, Gideon didn’t believe him and in a fit of rage took Dipper hostage. He revealed his advanced telekinetic abilities and if Abel hadn’t been direct with Gideon about his feelings, he could have ended Dipper very easily.

4 Weakest: Hilda is better at wielding a sword than at applying magic (Hilda)

The series Hilda follows the exciting life of young adventurer Hilda. A lover of nature and the supernatural, Hilda sets out every day in search of her next exciting adventure, most of the time at the risk of her life. She’s brave and brash, and that’s often what gets her and her friends in trouble.

When Hilda encounters real magic in a library book, she fails to read all the details about the consequences and the responsibility of the magic user, putting both her mother and one of her friends in danger. . She learns to avoid using magic after learning that she just doesn’t mind it.

3 Strongest: Amity Blight performs her magic to perfection (Owl House)

friendship conjuring its magic

As the top student of the Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, Amity was already an awesome witch. As she further improved her magic in The owl house, she showed her intelligence, her balance and her power. Focusing her magical skills on creating beings called abominations, Amity uses these beings for defense and attack.

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She is also very capable of doing fire magic among other magical spells. On the fly, Amity’s quick wit and her versatility in magic make her a difficult witch to beat. She managed to stand up to her own parents as well as the king’s right-hand man and head of his clan.

2 Weakest: Pony Head Is Too Distracted By His Image To Work On His Magic (Star Vs The Forces Of Evil)

star pony head vs the forces of evil

Although she comes from a powerful family and has strong abilities to use magic, Pony Head is relatively useless in Star Against the Dark Arts. She only serves as raw comedic relief throughout the series and doesn’t really improve in general.

At the start of the series, she’s a selfish, selfish, superficial princess who takes longer to focus on popularity and chase after boys to really work on herself. Although she is a good friend of Star and grows closer to Marco over time, there is not much more to her character or her magic, which in a series full of incredible magic users, is a huge disappointment.

1 Strongest: Sypha Belnades can be more terrifying than demonic creatures (Castlevania)

Sypha was already a beloved character when she was first introduced in Castlevania, but as the stakes rose and enemies grew more dangerous, Sypha rose to the challenge as one of the most powerful magic users. As a member of the nomadic group, the Seekers, she is well versed in all matters of magic, but also has incredible control over her own magic.

What Sypha is good at is elemental magic, focusing on a balance of fire and ice to fight against the demonic creatures that threaten her and those she wishes to protect. Its power goes far beyond the change of temperature; she shoots sharp icicles to impale the enemy, traps the enemy in ice, detonates the enemy with fire and with the same powerful fire shots she can fly. Her powers and fighting skills are strong enough to fight even the most powerful vampires, with the legendary Dracula being the one she helped defeat.

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