The 10 smartest characters in Fantastic Four Comics


The Fantastic Four are the first family in the Marvel Universe, a group of scientific heroes who have traveled through time and space to fight against the greatest threats and discover amazing things about the cosmos. They are Marvel’s first super-team and while not as popular as they once were, they are an integral part of the Marvel Universe. Over the years, some of Marvel’s smartest characters have featured in the Fantastic Four comics.

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These individuals have done things that no other character in the Marvel Universe has done, using their intelligence to make discoveries, invent technology, and prove that they are among the smartest beings there is.

ten Invisible Woman is not only the most powerful member of the team, but also quite intelligent

For years, Invisible Woman fell victim to Stan Lee’s terrible writings about women, and the writers who followed him have carried on that tradition. Eventually, the writers realized that she was not only the most powerful member of the team, but also one of the smartest. She isn’t a big brain like her often abusive and distant husband, but she’s easily the second smartest member of the team.

Sue Storm is one of the smartest members of the group, her brain being useful during their adventures. She brings an unconventional take on things, an opinion Reed often can’t see, which makes her one of the team’s most valuable additions.

9 Namor’s knowledge is as deep as the ocean

Namor may not seem like the smartest person, but he’s a lot smarter than you think. Namor is an underwater monarch, with an understanding of tactics and the art of government that is pretty much unmatched among Marvel heroes and villains. He also knows more about the ocean and its mysteries than anyone on the surface.

Namor’s arrogance sometimes wins over his intelligence, but this does not change the fact that he is highly intelligent. He would never have survived as long as he did as the monarch of Atlantis and he even earned the respect of Doctor Doom, which is no easy task.

8 Black Bolt’s silence hides his intelligence

Invincible 5 Marvel Heroes Black Bolt Howling

Black Bolt is the King of the Inhumans and one of the most powerful people on Earth. His slightest whisper is enough to level the mountains and he has incredible self-control, so that he never accidentally destroys everything around him. Although his silence prevents him from expressing it, Black Bolt is a very intelligent person.

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He is a great monarch, with a knowledge of the art of government and the history of the Inhumans that is roughly unmatched. He is often referred to as the perfect man by his wife and the rest of the inhuman royal family. He makes mistakes, but he’s still pretty smart.

7 Silver Surfer is smart and powerful

Silver Surfer 1998

Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. This is what most people think of when they think of Silver Surfer, but it doesn’t take into account his intelligence. On his homeworld of Zenn-La, he was a respected scientist and scholar. Traveling the universe with Galactus only brought him more knowledge about the cosmos.

Although he’s not an inventor or anything like that, he has witnessed cosmic phenomena much like few others have. He also has access to cosmic consciousness, which allows him to witness all kinds of events across time and space.

6 Adam Warlock was created to be perfect

Adam Warlock was created by the Enclave to be the perfect being. Although he became best known as a solo cosmic hero, his first appearance was in the Fantastic Four books. First known as Him, the FF helped him escape the Enclave and this put him on his journey, gaining more and more intelligence as he roamed the universe.

Taking the name Adam Warlock, he would become known for his power, compassion, and intelligence. He’s saved the universe on multiple occasions, battling people like Thanos and Magus, and even won the Infinity Gauntlet at one point.

5 Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s smartest heroes

Spider-Man Human Torch Secret Identity 2

Spider-Man has undergone a lot of changes over the years, but one thing that has never changed is how smart he is. At fifteen, he invented web-shooters and the fluid to fuel them with just what he could get his hands on a normal teenager. He continued to invent things that made his fight against crime easier throughout his career. He later also joined the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation, and has repeatedly proven how smart he is.

Spider-Man’s scientific knowledge has helped him tremendously over the years. If he wasn’t a superhero and had more time to devote to it, it’s unclear what he might create.

4 Black Panther is one of the smartest people on the planet

Black Panther has long been one of the most skilled people on the planet. As the ruler of Wakanda, he presides over the most technologically advanced nation on Earth, possesses an innate understanding of this technology, and is an incredible tactician and leader. On top of all that, his knowledge of combat is pretty much unmatched, which makes him as fierce in combat as he is in state affairs or in a laboratory.

Black Panther has led both the FF and the Avengers and has been successful both times. His intelligence has been a huge boon to him, his people and the world, as he has saved the day on several occasions in situations where his fists alone were not enough to win the day.

3 Reed Richards is the smartest Marvel hero

The Fantastic Four Reed Richards

Reed Richards is more of a scientist than a superhero. His dedication to knowledge is pretty much unprecedented, so much so that his family life has suffered tremendously over the years. His quest for knowledge has often made him a terrible person, who cares more than anything else about the thrill of discovery. This gave him a pragmatic point of view that facilitated terrible actions with the Illuminati.

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Even with how morally gray and downright mean he can be, there’s no denying how smart he is. His intelligence surpasses that of contemporaries like Iron Man and Hank Pym.

2 Doom’s accomplishments are amazing

A lot of people think Reed Richards is smarter than Doom, but Reed couldn’t even get the cosmic ray shield specs on his first space trip. By this time, Doom had already created a time machine. Reed was able to create a portal to the Negative Zone, but Doom had a system on his armor that could drain a god’s power. Doom also figured out how to help Franklin with his powers when Reed couldn’t.

Doom is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe, and easily one of its smartest beings. Doom has done things that no one else has done for science and also knows magic deeply. Doom outclasses almost everyone.

1 Galactus is older than this universe

Galactus Silver Surfer Parabola 1

Galactus was once Galan de Taa, a scientist who witnessed the end of his universe. He survived and the resulting cosmic energy transformed him into Galactus, offering him Cosmic Power and transforming him into the World Eater. Galactus is easily one of the smartest beings in the Marvel Universe, and has witnessed things that no one else has known.

Few mortal beings can match Galactus’ knowledge and even his cosmic companions are below him in this regard. His intelligence is matched only by his power and although he has access to cosmic consciousness, he doesn’t really need it.

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