The 10 Most Hateful Cartoon Characters of All Time

Cartoons have given audiences many characters to love, admire, and laugh at over the years. However, the opposite is also true. Some anime characters have become so hated that it becomes their main trait determining how much they are hated. Sometimes it’s because a character is perceived as obnoxious or boring. Other times it’s because the character is too focused.

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Even if the show itself is loved, there’s always the chance that one of the characters is widely hated. When it comes to long-running franchises, it’s not uncommon for certain characters to be heavily revamped or even written out in response to the strong dislike associated with the character.

ten The Fandom Likes Villains Better Than Amber (Invincible)

In the animated adaptation of Invincible, Amber is the love interest of the superhero. She unfairly blames Mark for constantly disappearing while he’s saving the day. Later came the fact that she knew his secret all along, meaning she blamed him when she knew the whole story.

Some viewers tend to like him less than the intended villains of Invincible. Additionally, many viewers felt that the episodes devoted too much time to her relationship with Mark.

9 Fans imagined characters to replace Sam Manson (Danny Phantom)

Danny Phantom Sam

In Danny GhostSam Manson, Danny’s friend turned love interest, was often considered too bratty and hypocritical by viewers. Danny Ghost also used to reveal how special she was, such as being secretly rich or the most athletic character, without any explanation. Her relationship with Danny did not help because the background characters frequently suggested that they reunite, which made the pair seem forced.

While it’s not uncommon for anime fans to pair the main character with other love interests or even villains, it’s become common for fans to create quirky characters they think would be better off with. Danny. This debate sparked the “True-Fan VS Anti-Fan” war in the fandom.

8 Fans may have tolerated Poof, but they didn’t like Sparky (The Fairly OddParents)

Timmy with his dog Sparky from Fairly Oddparents

The last seasons of my godparents are magic have been plagued with the addition of new characters. While Poof was somewhat tolerated (because it made sense that Cosmo and Wanda would want to have a child of their own), Sparky, Timmy’s adopted fairy dog, wasn’t as accepted. His personality was considered too obnoxious and his design wasn’t too popular either.

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Its existence also caused continuity issues; its previous owners were adults, although only children were allowed to have fairies. He disappeared after the ninth season, possibly due to the addition of Chloe, a girl who would share Timmy’s fairies with him.

7 Otto Rocket was too bratty for some viewers (Rocket Power)

Otto Rocket Power

While rocket power was already divisive, with some viewers finding the show dated, many of the main characters were also disliked. For example, Otto was seen as too obnoxious, arrogant, and spoiled, even by viewers who liked rocket power.

It was noted that his selfishness seemed to increase as the series progressed. One of his most unpleasant actions was to sabotage his father’s wedding so that he could go to a skating competition towards Rocket Power to finish.

6 There’s a reason Snarf isn’t allowed to talk anymore (ThunderCats)

Piece of ThunderCats had been hated because of his voice, his habit of saying his name, and his lack of prowess. Attempts to make him a more powerful character, such as a transformation into “Snarf-Ra, The Ever-living”, were considered ludicrous.

The 2011 reboot reduced Snarf to a pet without the ability to speak, potentially a reaction to the dislike the character endured. That said, some point out that Snarf’s nephew, Snarfer, was even less well liked.

5 Blunk once bored comic book fans and didn’t have much appeal (WITCH)


The animated adaptation of WITCH already had a lot against him, including his rivalry with Winx Club. Additionally, it lacked search engine optimization, as many search engines made the “Witch” series infamous when fans tried to search for it online. Fans of the comics also didn’t like many story changes, including the inclusion of Blunk, a disgusting goblin-like creature added to serve as comic relief.

Apparently, Blunk was created with the aim of getting more boys interested in WITCH, which was the same reason Caleb was given a bigger role. However, male viewers interested in WITCH probably found the idea condescending.

4 Super Friends: DC is still trying to catch up with Aquaman

Aquaman stares at the camera in Superfriends

the great friends cartoon, which adapted classic DC Comics characters, already had a few hated characters. These included Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog, three non-powered additions who were eventually replaced by the Wonder Twins. However, great friendAquaman’s incarnation of Aquaman became infamous for his limited powers to breathe underwater and talk to fish.

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Aquaman’s depiction in great friends has particularly haunted the character, with DC media constantly trying new ways to make him more serious. Despite this, this version of Aquaman still appears in pop culture, as the inspiration for Spongebob Man-mermaid.

3 Tiny Toon Adventures: Elmyra didn’t need the spin-off

Pinky Elmyra and the Brain

In little cartoon adventures, Elmyra was Elmer Fudd’s counterpart. Although she is an animal lover, she is much more successful at killing animals, albeit accidentally choking them. After all, that little skull in Elmyra’s signature hair ribbon had to come from somewhere.

In addition to focusing increasingly on little cartoon adventuresshe finally got her own show, the infamous Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. At this point, even the team seemed sick of it, with the theme song’s infamous line, “This is what the network wants, why bother complaining?”

2 The Flintstones: The Great Gazoo is sometimes blamed for the end of the show

Flintstones Great Gazoo

In The Flintstones’ in later seasons, the Great Gazoo was a green alien who grants Fred and Barney’s wishes. Primarily used as a plot device to allow for more supernatural shenanigans in The Flintstoneshe was also hated for his condescension towards Fred and Barney.

It’s also a plot point that his powers can’t actually help or he’d be sent home, though it’s implied he was successful in his last appearance. It has even been theorized that it is partly responsible for The Flintstones’ cancelation. Somebody had to like it, though, because it had a spin-off comic book series in the early 1970s.

1 Scooby-Doo: Even the Franchise Has Started Hating Scrappy-Doo

Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Scrappy Doo Statue

Scrappy-Doo has always been a complicated character for the scooby-doo franchise. Added in the late 1970s to revitalize the series, it was actually popular among younger viewers and is partly credited with keeping scooby-doo Go. However, the hatred some fans had for Scooby’s nephew became so memetic that later scooby-doo the series demonized him.

This has included the live-action movie making him the twist villain and the Mystery Inc. series in which the characters mention that they “promised not to talk about him”. Even before that, he was famous in a Cartoon Network commercial where he complained that modern cartoons were treated better.

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