The 10 bravest heroes in Marvel Comics, ranked


Marvel’s heroes have turned out to be some of the best. These respected heroes have faced some of the greatest threats in all existence and responded without flinching, each action showing just how brave they are. Bravery is an important part of every hero’s makeup; it takes someone very special to risk their life for others, and superheroes find themselves in situations that would freeze anyone’s blood.

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While all heroes are brave, some are braver than others. They’ve faced things others can only imagine and come out the other side, proving they are the bravest of the brave.

ten Iron Man was brave enough to get sober

Invincible Iron Man 600 Blanket

Iron Man may be a shady person, but there’s no doubt he’s a great hero. He took on and overcame some of the most daunting challenges of any hero, but he did one thing that cements his bravery. He stopped drinking. You can’t minimize how difficult it was or how brave he had to be to accomplish it.

Iron Man was willing to do his whole life over and let go of the one thing that had “helped” him through it all. He made the bravest choice ever to get sober, braver than any villain fight, and he stayed that way. The amount of bravery it takes is incredible.

9 Jean Gray has faced the worst the universe can throw at her since she was a teenager

Jean Gray in her Hellfire Gala outfit

Jean Gray is one of the most important X-Men; She’s been Xavier’s longest student and the things she’s been through over the years set her apart from her fellow X-Men. It often seemed like the entire universe was against her, but that never stopped her. Even death cannot hold back Jean Gray and she pounces on any enemy to save her friends and her people.

Jean Grey’s bravery in the face of the entire universe trying to beat her makes her such a great heroine. Few have had to deal with what she’s had over the years, but she’s still the consummate hero and patron saint of the X-Men.

8 Hawkeye faces the greatest threats of all time with just a bow and arrow

Hawkeye shooting an arrow

Hawkeye as the Avenger is extremely unlikely. He’s just a human with a bow and arrows in a team of armored geniuses, gods, super soldiers and unbelievably powerful beings, a team that faces the greatest threats. He doesn’t let any of that stop him, putting himself at the forefront of every battle he’s engaged in.

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Hawkeye has reached a level almost beyond courage. The fact that he always gets up and goes out there, leading the right fight through thick and thin that should easily overwhelm him, says all there is to know about his bravery.

7 Storm overcame huge odds to get to where she is

X-Men Storm Sword

Storm may be one of the most powerful mutants on Earth, but that doesn’t change his bravery. An orphan having grown up as a thief in the streets of Cairo, she survived as best she could until her powers manifested and she escaped this life, becoming a goddess to the people of the African plains. .

From there she joined the X-Men and persevered through thick and thin, becoming one of the greatest X-Men of all time. She is dangerous and fearless with or without her powers and the odds against her don’t matter; Storm will always win. She is, after all, a goddess.

6 Silver Surfer has faced the biggest threats in the cosmos

Norinn Radd Silver Surfer Herald Galactus

Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, but that doesn’t make him any less courageous. While cosmic power grants him abilities that make him appear unbeatable, the type of enemies he tests himself against are one of the greatest of all time. He fought Galactus, Mephisto and Thanos, never complaining or doubting himself.

The beings that Silver Surfer fights are the most powerful and deadly beings of all time. It doesn’t affect him at all. He fights for life and what is right no matter what. There was no invented cosmic god that he does not pounce on.

5 Black Panther is a fearless fighter

Black Panther was raised to be a man of incredible abilities. His birthright was that of the Wakanda Throne and he never failed to impress. There are few things out there that actually intimidate the one called T’Challa and his enemies have long learned that facing him is a mad rush; he does not know fear.

Black Panther has not encountered an enemy that he will not fight. He was never put in a situation where his bravery was not enough. Even facing the gods does not affect him; he is Black Panther. It’s all that matters.

4 Spider-Man proves how brave he has been since he was a teenager

Non-stop Spider-Man functionality

Spider-Man has undergone a lot of changes over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his bravery. Spider-Man has been a superhero since he was fifteen. Over all these years, his friends and enemies have learned a few things about him, the main one being that he is one of the bravest heroes of all time. His sense of responsibility drives him to an almost unhealthy degree.

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He’s about a hero who faced off against Phoenix-powered Colossus and Magik so his fellow Avengers could get away, two people he would be hard-pressed to fight even without them having the Phoenix Force. This is how he is brave; he will face divine beings alone just to save his friends.

3 Captain America has proven his bravery for years now

Feature Avengers Captain America Thor She-Hulk

Captain America is one of Marvel’s most inspiring heroes and one of the main reasons is his bravery. Captain America has been fighting evil since the darkest days of WWII, pouncing on the Nazis and Hydra as if they were nothing more than minor obstacles in his path. After its thaw in modern times, it launched into the battle against evil as if nothing had ever changed.

Cap’s bravery is one of his greatest attributes. Even with his Super Soldier Serum, he’s not exactly impressive compared to some of the enemies he’s faced, but that’s never stopped him before. Few are as brave as Cap.

2 Wolverine has never met a war he won’t fight

Wolverine # 18 cover by Greg Land

Wolverine is one of the most dangerous heroes on the planet and one of the things that really sets him apart is his bravery. Wolverine’s ability to survive almost anything thanks to his healing factor and adamantium skeleton allows him to be incredibly brave; when you know that they can survive anything, they throw themselves into any fight. This is Wolverine’s MO.

No matter the fight or the odds, Wolverine will be there. He stabbed Thanos in the heart when he had the Infinity Gauntlet, fights with the Hulk, and faced some of the greatest dangers without flinching. Few can match his bravery.

1 Daredevil is the fearless man

Daredevil swinging through town in Devil's Reign # 1.

Daredevil is known as the Fearless Man and the fact that he’s in all caps says it all. Daredevil’s entire life was about meeting a new limit and overcoming it, proving that nothing could stop him. He’s been in hellish fights over the years and never backed down. Daredevil has proven that he deserves his nickname time and time again.

He is a man who will throw himself in the middle of a horde of undead ninja without any qualms. His nemesis is a crime boss who sends an assassin after him who can kill with a discarded piece of paper if it comes down to it. Daredevil has proven that he is not afraid of anything. He is bravery personified.

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