Syrian designer uses cartoons to brighten up war-torn country |



DAMASCUS— Fed up with the gloomy atmosphere in photos of war-torn Syria, Mohammad Mozeh decided to insert famous cartoon characters into everyday photos to boost the morale of the people of the country.

“My goal is to make reality more beautiful and to give a positive outlook on the situation we are going through,” the 26-year-old graphic designer told Xinhua. He hoped to add a positive energy to the photos taken in his country, to show that in the midst of difficult situations, there is a place for something optimistic and beautiful.

The idea started in college, when he used to add cartoon characters to photos of boring lectures. Gradually, the idea inspired him to insert cartoon characters into everyday photos taken by himself or by other people, making the photos brighter and highlighting the real super. hero of society. And he shared the photos through his social media accounts.

He placed the image of Cinderella inside a crowded passenger bus in the capital city of Damascus. With her on the bus, Mozeh meant that even though the people on the bus looked tired and weary, they were still beautiful.

In another photo, Mozeh placed a Superman cape on the shoulders of a scavenger, who cleaned the streets in cold weather. And he brought a Superman to help a man carrying a cooking gas cylinder, saying the scavenger and the man carrying a cooking gas cylinder are the real superheroes in Syria.

“I started looking for meaningful photos and tried adding a cartoon character to them to amplify the meaning of the photo. Sometimes the characters can also have some kind of suffering like Cinderella or someone with super power like Superman, ”he said.

In another photo, there was a man standing on a bridge in Damascus, resting his head in his hands with a weariness so evident in his posture. Mozeh thought this man would want a genie to grant him certain wishes. He brought the famous blue genie and designed the picture as if the genie hugged the man to comfort him.

The young man wants Syrians to start looking for positive things, put a smile on their faces to try to make their lives easier.

In the future, Mozeh hopes he can make videos with cartoons to reach more people.


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