Superman gets energized new look in DC cover art


The Justice League # 68 cover variant teases a big deal for Superman as he sports a revitalized new look that will wow readers.

Disclaimer: Includes preview of Justice League # 68!

Superman gets a new energized look as it is featured in Justice League # 68the cover of. In the run-up to this issue, the Justice League will take on United Order, a new team of galactic superheroes. The aftermath of their battle will somehow play into Brian Michael Bendis’ plan to introduce a range of new heroes to the Justice League. With all the recent teasers, it seems like Infinite border‘s Justice League is about to undergo a big overhaul.

Superman has always been a DC Comics staple, as he and Batman are their flagship heroes. Therefore, it makes sense that Justice League the covers often focus on the Man of Steel, given his popularity with readers and the fact that Superman has received many new revamped looks over time. Although Superman doesn’t get any upgrades in Bendis Justice League run, he’s at the center of a new powered-up variant cover.

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On the cover for Justice League # 68 by Alexander Lozano, Superman shines in a new way. Drawn in Lozano’s hyper-realistic style, his Superman cover is the next in his current series of character-driven variations. Recently, Lozano drew a cover variant of Batman for Justice League # 66 and Hippolyte for Justice League # 67. In the cover art, Superman stands alone as he looms large with sunlight pouring out behind him. That’s all that sums up a hero of Superman’s stature. Take a look at the number’s coverage and solicitation information below:

  • Screenwriters: BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS and RAM V
  • Variant cover: ALEXANDER LOZANO
  • US $ 4.99 | 40 PGS | US $ 5.99 VARIANT (Card stock)
  • ON SALE 09/21/21
  • ROUND! The Justice League has new members. And these members take a tour of the Hall of Justice of Legends who helped build it while learning about the people who have dedicated their entire lives to its higher calling.
  • Merlin and his army of aquatic dead have taken control of Atlantis! Can Zatanna handle it and the horror she’s hiding in?

Superman is set to leave the Justice League, as teased in Action comicsrecent solicitation. Considering DC plans to collide with all of its books later this year, it makes sense that Superman would be seen leaving Bendis. Justice League as well as. DC has been positioning Superman’s retirement for some time now. So, it’s not much of a surprise. There is a chance that with Joshua Williamson’s master plan for Infinite border rise that Superman will return to help his fellow heroes, one last time. Could this be the problem where Superman leaves?

Presumably, with the departure of Superman, he’s the reason for all new members of the Justice League. They’ll probably try to get more than a few replacements because Superman is so powerful. The loss of Superman will be a blow to the overall strength of the team. Is that why it’s on the cover? Probably, because DC will want to capitalize on Superman’s presence as long as he’s still around. Ultimately, Lozano’s cover variant doesn’t tease the issue’s story much but makes it clear that Justice League # 68 wwill be a big problem for Superman.

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