Star Wars: 10 classic comics to read


Before Disney purges the old cannon Star Wars Extended Universe, comics and novels were the only way to learn what happened after Return of the Jedi. Fortunately, those classic Star Wars comics still exist under the now non-canon Legends label.

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Just because the stories aren’t hot doesn’t mean that readers can’t enjoy them. If fans can put aside the feelings of what was lost and what could have been, they will find that there are some really great stories from the past that are still worth reading.

ten Knights of the Old Republic isn’t the game, but it’s still good

Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time and the comics are also worth a visit. Disney is now doing something similar with the High Republic comic series, but Knights of the Old Republic goes even further back in time.

The Old Republic era is so far removed from the main Star Wars timeline that, even before it was considered a legend, it had little impact on the main series and vice versa. The best thing for fans is that until new media shows otherwise, elements of Knights of the Old Republic may still be part of the new continuity.

9 Marvel’s Star Wars is the definition of a classic comic book

With Star Wars and Marvel both under the Disney umbrella, it makes sense that Marvel would have taken over the publication of the Star Wars comics from Dark Horse. What some fans may not know is that Marvel released Star Wars comics many years ago.

Dark Horse may have had better stories, but Marvel’s oldie Star wars The series is about as classic Star Wars as the comics can get. Marvel’s classic Star Wars comics are definitely worth a visit for fans of the original trilogy.

8 Infinity is what if …? Star Wars comics

With Marvel What if…? A TV series introducing new fans to the concept of the ‘what if’ comic book, Star Wars fans might be surprised to learn that Star Wars has its own version of What if…? comics too. One of the best Infinite stories was one that explored what would have happened if Luke had died on Hoth and Leia had come to terms with her fate.

Another popular story is one that saw Vader redeemed without subsequently dying. The beauty of a comic book series like this is that it doesn’t matter what happens with Star Wars now, because it never got canon in the first place. Fans can enjoy it as much as they could when it was first released.

7 Star Wars: Visionaries presents revenge for Maul and Obi-Wan

The Visionaries of Star Wars Old Wounds Maul's death Owen Lars shoots Maul in the head then warns Obi-Wan to stay away from Luke

Star Wars: Visionaries is a collection of art and short stories from the team who worked on Revenge of the Sith. However, the main draw would be Old wounds which follows Maul chasing Obi-Wan on Tatooine and for a final duel. Maul would, of course, be brought back with cybernetic cannon legs, and Star Wars: Rebels presented a similar duplicate.

Some aspects of Rebels’ the version worked better, like a tired Maul finally embracing death as Obi-Wan held him in his arms. However, this alternate version has its strengths, especially Obi-Wan barely restraining himself from killing Maul after all the pain he has caused him. Owen Lars shot Maul and then warned Obi-Wan to stay clear of Luke was another highlight.

6 Purge shows Vader the way Jedi-Hunter fans want to see

Vader's Purge

The rise of the Empire in the dark times between Revenge of the Sith and New hope has always been an interesting time to explore. The Empire was actively hunting down the few Jedi who managed to survive Order 66, and that’s the premise behind Purge. Disney canon revealed that the Inquisitors were primarily responsible for finding the remaining Jedi.

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Before that, however, Darth Vader was the one who had personally hunted them down. Purge shows that Darth Vader didn’t just hunt Jedi; he was obsessed with finding Obi-Wan. A Vengeance Gasoline Vader is a sight to see, which will hopefully continue in Obi wan kenobi on Disney +.

5 Shadows of the Empire perfectly set up Return of the Jedi

Star Wars Shadow of the Empire comic book cover

As fans like to point out, Shadows of Empire was a major multimedia event that included video games, novels and comics. Just like the recent Bounty Hunter War comic, Shadows of Empire details what happened between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Like modern comics, Boba Fett’s delivery of Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt wasn’t straightforward, and he had to fight his fellow bounty hunters.

Prince Xizor and the Black Suns are the main antagonists in the story, and Xizor takes it upon himself to kill Luke Skywalker to gain the Emperor’s favor. The highlight is when Vader has the Executor destroy Xizor’s skyhook to protect Luke, killing Xizor in the process.

4 Legacy Shows Franchise Should Move A Century Forward

Cade Skywalker with Luke Force Ghost Star Wars Legacy 3

Star Wars: Legacy was initially a division series that jumped a century into the future and followed a descendant of Luke called Cade Skywalker. The major time jump and Cade abandoning the Jedi to become a pirate made fans skeptical. However, readers would end up embracing Heritage and it would become one of Dark Horse’s best-selling and popular series.

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With the mixed response from fans to the sequel trilogy, Disney would have done well to make some of the bold choices Heritage made. What hurts the most for Heritage fans, is that he can never be reintroduced to canon without many changes, given that the Skywalker bloodline is no more.

3 Star Wars Tales was the what if …? Before the infinites

Star Wars Tales Planet Of The Dead The Dead Seek Help From Han Han Screams For Chewie

Star Wars Tales is another non-canon What if…? style series that preceded Infinite. Indeed, the popularity of Star Wars Tales was what inspired Infinite in the first place. Star Wars Tales allowed writers to tell Star Wars stories that otherwise would not be told.

One of the best Star Wars tales is Planet of the dead, in which Han and Chewie are caught up in a supernatural event where the dead are resurrected each night and relive the spaceship crash that killed them. The story shows Han at his best, and with Chewie as his moral compass, he ends the cycle of suffering as the dead pass into the afterlife.

2 Invasion finally moved Star Wars beyond Light Side Vs. Dark Side

For many fans of the Extended Universe, the original sequel era stories were the New Jedi Order novels that detailed the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Hailing from unknown regions, the Yuuzhan Vong were unique enemies for the Star Wars series. The Vong despised all forms of technology, using organic ships and weapons instead, and were not connected to the Force, making them formidable adversaries for the Jedi.

Similar to the sequel trilogy, these stories took the saga a few decades forward and focused on Han and Leia’s children. Invasion takes place during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong and was nice to finally bring the dreaded invaders into a visual medium. With Unknown Regions mentioned more often in the canon, it might not be too late for the Yuuzhan Vong to terrorize the galaxy.

1 Dark Empire is the sequel fans deserve

Dark Empire is one of the best Star Wars comics and is now a classic, although it was not without controversy. Fans weren’t sure what it was like for Luke falling to the dark side and assuming the role of his father, although it made sense. With clones serving as vessels for the Risen Emperor, much of what was featured in Dark Empire seems to have inspired The Rise of Skywalker.

Sadly, Disney and Lucasfilm ultimately failed to adapt what made Dark Empire so big on the big screen. Even though the comic now serves as a reminder of what could have been, fans can always revisit Dark Empire and enjoy it for what it is, an alternate sequel to the original trilogy.

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