Spider-Punk Cosplay brings a new Marvel twist to the Spider-Verse variant

In an awesome new Marvel Comics cosplay from @Maid_of_might, a new variant of Spider-Man is revealed, as Spider-Punk meets Mary Jane Watson.

Spider Punk meets Mary Jane Watson in a stunning new Marvel Comics cosplay that brings a new twist on Spider-Man to the Spider-Verse. On her Twitter account, cosplayer @Maid_of_might shared her take on Spider-Punk, which features an unmasked version of the hero. Instead of Hobart Brown, the Marvel Universe’s main Spider-Punk, it seems Mary Jane Watson, or at least another redhead, has taken on the punk rock variant moniker of Spider-Man.

Many variations of Spider-Man from different realities have appeared in the iconic spider worms event at Marvel Comics. The event included the likes of Spider-Man, Silk, Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, and Peter Parker’s Spider-Man Noir. Plus, a handful of new Spider-Verse heroes have made their debut, including the most famous, Spider-Gwen. However, another hero who debuted and quickly became a fan favorite was Spider-Punk. Created by Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel, Hobart Brown is the punk-rock-loving Spider-Man of Earth-138. The web-slinger recently got his own Marvel Comics series, where he battles the oppressive forces in his world with his punk rock attitude.


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On her Twitter account, cosplayer @Maid_of_might shared his take on a new Spider-Verse hero who is part Spider-Punk and part Mary Jane Watson. In the look, she sports the same costume as the guitar web-slinger. His red and blue Spider-Man outfit is accented by the hero’s striking denim jacket, which features spikes on the shoulders. The set is unmistakably Spider-Punk. However, the hero is unmasked in the look, revealing that this version of the Spider-Verse hero is actually a red-haired woman. While @Maid_of_might won’t confirm it’s Mary Jane Watson, it would make sense for the variant to be a version of the iconic Marvel Comics heroine. Check out the cosplay with the photo taken by @EricRCaroll.

@Maid_of_might has already created new versions of iconic heroes in great cosplays, as the talented cosplayer also sported a look that combined Deadpool with Harley Quinn. Like with this look, with the Spider-Punk ensemble, she manages to combine two characters in a look that looks like it came from the comics.

Given the vastness of the Spider-Verse, chances are the Spider-Punk/MJ variant of Spider-Man exists in some reality. @Maid_of_might proves with cosplay that Mary Jane Watson and Spider Punk would make a great new combo character, as they wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of a new spider worms Marvel Comics story.

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Source: @Maid_of_might

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