Spider-Man’s Web Expands With New Multi-Worm Film | News

What was to be the biggest hit movie of the holiday season, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” is being hailed by locals.

The film shows how the beloved character was ingrained in the hearts of comic book and superhero fans. And those who wish to avoid spoilers may want to stop reading.

The film is filled with callbacks to previous Spider-Man films and includes retaliation from two actors who donned Spidey’s costumes. It also opened the door for a fusion of the worlds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; the plot was premised on the existence of a multiverse, comprising all of the MCU characters, in addition to earlier versions of the web slinger from directors Sam Raimi and Marc Webb.

Spider-Man was first seen by writer Stan Lee and illustrator Steve Ditko in Marvel Comic’s “Amazing Fantasy” # 15, in 1962. Although the publisher, Martin Goodman, was not convinced by the idea of ​​a teenager serving as the main hero, the comic book was eventually published, which led to Peter Parker receiving his own book, “The Amazing Spider Man”.

From there, the story of Spider-Man grew into a media empire. Comics, live-action TV series, video games, animated movies, live-action movies and more have been developed which has left fans begging for more.

The concept of the multiverse has been played out in the comics for years. The release of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” an animated film that follows Miles Morales – who is transformed into Spider-Man and realizes that there are other dimensions of people who share his skills particular – helped raise the idea of ​​a multiverse storyline included in a live-action movie.

So, Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man Trilogy was created, much to the delight of fans around the world. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” won a record $ 260 million box office in North America on its opening weekend. The film has since passed the $ 600 million mark and is among the highest grossing films of all time.

“NWH has linked a lot of details to several Spidermen, and even to some of their enemies,” said former Tahlequah mayor Jason Nichols, who teaches political science at NSU. “The movie had the right balance of internal jokes, callbacks, action, and character development. As with any movie where magic is a plot device, there are a few things Marvel may need to explain or explain in upcoming films, but this has been a tremendous daddy-daughter outing.

Returning to reprise their roles as Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield made waves in theaters across the country as they were there to console the MCU’s Spider-Man and fight alongside him, each with similar experiences. While not allowed in theaters, videos of moviegoers watching the film went viral, as audiences cheered and screamed at the sight of Garfield and Maguire appearing.

Local resident Brad Terrapin described his emotions when he saw the two actors walk through a portal created by Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned Leeds, who used the Sling Ring stolen from Doctor Strange.

“Andrew Garfield walks through and we all screamed!” They talk, Ned has used the ring again, opens another portal, and it’s Tobey Maguire! We’re all still screaming! But this time I’m trying to hold back the flood of emotions and maybe a few tears after growing up reading the Spider-Man comics with the movies, and now the MCU, ”Terrapin said.

Many fans of the friendly Neighborhood Web Slinger suggest viewers watch previous films to better understand the storyline of “No Way Home” as it features former villains like Dr. Otto Octavius, The Green Goblin, the Sandman, Lizard and Electro.

“I had to go back and watch a few Spider-Man movies to jog my memory of how baddies become villains,” Sharon Parnell said.

While this was the biggest movie of the season, and despite the opinion of critics who see superhero movies as money rather than art, it had a refreshing intimacy that the one does not find in the other crossed films. The film’s multiverse brought together not only the Spider-Men from the previous films, but generations of Spider-Man fans. This is exactly what people have asked for.

“This movie was amazing, total fan service, but it worked out completely,” said Kadie Wabnum. “They all worked well together and had such energy and chemistry, it was sad to see this end.”

The only question now is where the Spider-Man franchise will go. The concept of a multiverse has opened the door to a number of possibilities, some of which are probably already underway. Several locals would love to see a live action movie starring Mile Morales, the first Black Spider-Man. But the realm of the script could go way beyond that of the New York spidey.

“Now here’s the interesting part: The multiverse is wide open now because of Loki, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Man,” Terrapin said. “This is how Marvel brings in Blade, Ghost Rider, and mutants. They’ve all been “confirmed,” but due to the rights of characters elsewhere, this is the only way to do it. “

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