Spider-Man Spectacular Cartoon’s Most Powerful Villains Ranked

There’s nothing complicated about the Lizard, no hidden powers or secret geniuses. There is only savagery, animal rage, the desire to hurt and the ability to hurt wrong. In the entirety of ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’, Spidey never takes a beating like he does the first time he encounters the Lizard, who breaks the webslinger’s hand, mercilessly crushes his body, and nearly drowns him to death. during a single episode. Coming back, it’s actually quite uncomfortable to watch. There’s no clever dialogue with the lizard, no pauses to explain his master plan, no self-inflicted traps of stupidity or hubris. He just attacksand if not for the timely intervention of a crocodile, Spider-Man would have died spectacularly.

Believe it or not, though, that’s only half the power of the lizard. The other half lies in his human identity – Curt Connors, Peter’s friend and boss, who injects himself with lizard DNA in a briefly successful effort to regrow his missing arm. The fact that the lizard is Connors gives it another kind of power over Peter, who doesn’t want to hurt his friend or see Connors’ wife and child suffer. An almost unstoppable force of nature that you can barely survive even when you’re do not shoot your shots? This is powerful.

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