Spider-Man: No Way Home Launches Dangerous New Images

Promotional footage for Spider-Man: No Way Home shows a never-before-seen exchange and shows all of the dangerous situations Peter will face.

New promotional footage has showcased the many dangerous situations Peter Parker will find himself in during Spider-Man: No Path Home.

Shared on Facebook, the trailer announced that tickets are now on sale for the film, which is slated for release on December 17. While the teaser doesn’t include any shocking new revelations regarding the supposed cast, it does show an unprecedented exchange between Peter and his friends. . As Peter and Ned are locked in a repetitive back-and-forth in disbelief, Zendaya’s GM interrupts to remind Spidey of the immediate threat from their pursuers before they both jump off a bridge for each other. escape.

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Based on MJ’s attire, the scene will be a direct continuation of the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film ended with a shocking post-credits moment in which Mysterio beat Peter from beyond the grave by revealing his secret identity and framing him for his death and the attack on London. The trailers for the upcoming film provided a glimpse of the scene that follows, with Peter carrying MJ in a police escape.

The new trailer also took a closer look at some of the opponents Peter will fight against, such as Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octavius, returning to reprise his role as Sam Raimi. Spider-Man 2. Peter can be seen challenging the Mad Scientist while wearing his Iron Spider suit, allowing him to take on Doc Ock’s four robotic arms with his own. A recent trailer confirmed that although he does know his name, Octavius ​​does not recognize Peter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Spider-Man, making it clear that he has been removed from another universe.

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Peter can also be seen taking on two other returning villains from previous live-action iterations of Spider-Man. Jamie Foxx can be seen returning in his version of Electro from The Incredible Spider-Man 2. Her old blue skin has returned to normal and her lightning bolt is the iconic yellow from the comics. Peter also tries to grab one of the Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs and even clashes with his ally, Doctor Strange, with the new footage showing the warping pursuit that occurs when he tries to steal an artifact from the Supreme Sorcerer. .

While Spider-Man: No Path Home Should be the conclusion of the first MCU Spidey movie trilogy, recent remarks suggest that Sony would like to continue making films with Marvel, with the implication that the plan would be to keep Tom Holland in the role.

Spider-Man: No Path Home hits theaters and IMAX on December 17th.

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