Spider-Man fans want Lil Nas X as Miles Morales after pic with Holland, Garfield

A photo featuring Spider-Man stars Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, alongside Lil Nas X, has fans calling on the rapper to play Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: No Path Home star Tom Holland, The Incredible Spider-Man Star Andrew Garfield and rapper Lil Nas X recently appeared in a photo together and it has inspired superhero fans around the world. They want Lil Nas X to play Miles Morales.

On social media, the photo has sparked a slew of comments, all backing Lil Nas X for the role, whenever Marvel Studios chooses to make him part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans have shared a plethora of photos comparing variations of Miles and Nil Nas X, as well as theories on how the MCU might present him. Interestingly, not all of them are related to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and have taken full advantage of the Multiverse concept that the franchise is currently exploring. Lil Nas X himself responded to the wave of support by tweeting jokingly: “The rumors are true, I [sic] will play moral miles. “

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Marvel Studios hasn’t made any announcements regarding Miles Morales in any of their upcoming films. However, a member of Morales’s family appeared briefly in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Aaron Davis made a cameo appearance in the 2017 film, played by Donald Glover. In the comics, Aaron Davis is Miles Morales’ uncle. He’s also the supervillain known as The Prowler. However, Spider-Man: Homecoming didn’t portray him as a supervillain.

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Public attention is currently on the prospect of Garfield and Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire returning as their respective versions of the web-slinger in the upcoming. Spider-Man: No Path Home. Garfield has always denied his involvement in the film, despite leaked behind-the-scenes footage and clips featuring both him and Maguire. The authenticity of the behind-the-scenes clip and the leaked photo have been questioned, with some suggesting the clip has been tampered with and the image has been photoshopped.

The most recent trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home has fueled rumors due to what appears to be a montage removing an unknown character from the clip, as evidenced by the Lizard Struck by Unseen Force. Many viewers believe this is an absent Spider-Man who will appear in the released movie.

While the superhero appearances cannot be confirmed, it has been revealed that Sam Raimi’s villains Spider Man trilogy and the The Incredible Spider-Man movies will come back in one form or another. These include Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Rhys Ifans Lizard, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and another mysterious third Goblin.

Spider-Man: No Path Home is scheduled to hit theaters on December 17th.

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