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While there is no doubt that Super Mario is a successful franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog has continued running at his own pace.

Over the years, Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario have been neck and neck as two of the game’s most iconic characters. For Mario, his trajectory is primarily defined by his games, which continue to be popular. Mario branched out into other avenues, with appearances in a TV show, movie, and even a theme park coming up. But these are the games that have kept Mario successful over the years. In contrast, Sonic kept pace using a very different strategy.

Sonic the hedgehog is still known for its successful video games. But over the years, it has become clear that games are no longer the primary vehicle for the franchise’s success. In fact, new titles often take years to release, with Sonic’s last 3D adventure being 2017. Sonic forces. Instead, Sega has chosen to celebrate its classic titles with remasters to fill that void between new games.

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Sonic has made a habit of releasing adventures of old consoles or new games that maintain a nostalgic feeling like Sonic mania. With the newly announced Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic origins, players will enjoy previous Blue Blur titles on current consoles. This helped the character find a unique identity in the video game world unlike Mario, as Nintendo rarely re-releases its old titles.

Another way for Sonic to maintain his success in video games is to use mobile titles like Sonic Dash, allowing players to enjoy Sonic’s exploits on the go. Appearances in other titles like Sega’s Next Lost judgment have also helped keep Sonic in the public consciousness. Because Sega has so many unique franchises besides Sonic the hedgehog, the character can appear in the most unlikely places like Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – The Official Video Game.

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However, unlike Mario, Sonic’s popularity stems primarily from a multimedia presence. Those who don’t play video games can still keep up Sonic franchise. Over the decades, Sonic the hedgehog has maintained a solid foundation in animation that will continue with a brand new Netflix series, Sonic prime. Sonic also has a movie franchise that is gearing up to release a sequel and an ongoing comic book series that makes sure fans are always up to date with his latest adventures. Sonic’s success has never wavered because of all this saturation in entertainment formats, even with fewer game titles released.

While Sonic the hedgehog dominates multiple mediums with content, that doesn’t mean the mustached hero is less meaningful. The beauty of each character is how their different paths to success have led to their individual victories. Super Mario is defined by the play space and begins to expand outward with a theme park. At the same time, Sonic the hedgehogThe success of the latter requires massive attention to its heritage and regular content release across all media. Ultimately, the two are different, and that’s what makes them big rivals decades later.

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