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Fans of The Big Bang Theory know that each member of the group embraces their nerdy side. The gang are treated like an outcast and looked down upon because of their interests, but they stay true to themselves throughout the series and continue to love anything cheesy.

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Sheldon was proud to be nerdy himself and fans watched him as he had moments of pure nerd bliss during the series. Through all of the many cheesy moments fans have watched, there are some that stand out as awesome and memorable. These moments not only helped shape Sheldon’s character, they also gave fans something hilarious to enjoy.

ten Sheldon’s Batman Birthday Party

The experimentation of celebration

One of the sweetest moments on the show was when the group finally found out when Sheldon’s birthday was and threw him the party he never had. Sheldon told Penny, Bernadette, and Amy how, as a child, he shared his birthday with his twin sister, but no friends would show up. His family would also tell him that Batman was coming to his party, which he never did.

The group is able to go all out for Sheldon’s party and even makes Adam West the Batman of the party. Sheldon’s birthday party was an incredibly cheesy time as Sheldon is able to experience the birthday party he never had with Batman, just like he always wanted to as a kid.

9 Love of Sheldon’s Rules

Sheldon is arguably the most eccentric member of the group, and his love of following the rules proves that he stands out. He likes to follow the rules, whether it’s cutting the line or following the rules of society.

Sheldon also makes contracts to dictate the roommate rules and he and Leonard have many disagreements during the series involving the roommate agreement. Sheldon also uses rules to shape his relationship with Amy, making his love of rules a cheesy passion, while also making him unpopular with a few fans of the show.

8 Sheldon disguises himself as a character from Star Trek

Fans of TBBT know that Sheldon is a huge Star Trek fan. He loves the show, so it was no surprise to fans when he dressed up as Mr. Data, along with Leonard, Howard, and Raj. The group all choose characters to dress up on their way to Comic-Con, but stop in the middle of the desert for an impromptu photoshoot.

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This moment is one that viewers loved as it took on the characters from the Star Trek world and crushed them with the TBBT friends group. It’s also another awesome and cheesy moment for Sheldon as he dresses like a character he adores and takes on Mr. Data’s personality perfectly.

7 When Sheldon stormed the Skywalker Ranch

Leonard and Sheldon arrive at Skywalker Ranch in The Big Bang Theory

Another incredibly cheesy moment that Sheldon had was when he and Leonard went out of their way to make it to Skywalker Ranch. Sheldon convinces Leonard to go there in the hope of meeting George Lucas. When Sheldon and Leonard finally arrive at Skywalker Ranch, they easily walk through the door and get closer to meeting George Lucas.

However, they are eventually pulled over by security and their plans to meet George Lucas are ruined. This doesn’t stop Sheldon, however, and he jumps out of the car and attempts to storm Skywalker Ranch. Sheldon is arrested, of course, but his determination to meet Geroge Lucas further proves that he is a Star wars super fan.

6 When Sheldon met Stan Lee

Sheldon has often openly expressed his love for the comics during the series and when the opportunity to meet Stan Lee arose, Sheldon was overjoyed to meet him. However, Sheldon learns that instead of going to meet Stan Lee, he has to appear in court for a speeding ticket.

After missing the chance to meet Stan Lee, Penny goes above and beyond to make up for it. She gets Stan Lee’s address and takes Sheldon to meet him. Sheldon is so happy and even invites himself into Stan Lee’s house. This is one of Sheldon’s incredibly cheesy moments, as it shows just how smitten he can get with the things he is passionate about.

5 Sheldon’s Updated Rock-Paper-Scissors

Sheldon explains the rules to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon constantly reminds viewers of his love for Star Trek, and his love also develops in simple games. He feels that playing a standard game of rock-paper-scissors is not enough with his group of friends. Instead, it adds to the game and creates a memorable new version for all fans.

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Sheldon’s invention of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock adds a hilarious anecdote to the show, but also created a fantastic tacky version of the old game. This moment is great for Sheldon because it not only shows his personality and his love for Star Trek but also his determination to recreate a boring game into a more unique game.

4 Have fun with flags

TBBT Kripke has fun with flags

Sheldon’s love for comics, video games, and pop culture is something that’s important throughout the series, but Sheldon has another love as well. Another cheesy aspect of his personality is his love of knowing and educating others. The creation of his web show “Fun With Flags” showcases his cheesy side, while allowing him to teach others the importance of flags.

Sheldon creates Fun With Flags in the hopes of finding other flag enthusiasts and he hopes to learn more about flags in the process. Amy helps Sheldon create the web show and later becomes a co-host. Sheldon’s show gives him the opportunity to teach others while allowing him to show his knowledge of flags to anyone who wants to hear it.

3 Sheldon’s Many Halloween Costumes

Another aspect of his personality that can be defined as cheesy is Sheldon’s love for cosplay. However, his thoughtful and unique Halloween costumes shape his personality into that of an incredibly nerdy character. Sheldon’s ability to conjure costumes from comics or even science is what further solidifies him as a nerdy character.

One of Sheldon’s most iconic scenes is when he disguised himself as a Doppler effect. Sheldon’s love for science and scientific principles inspires his choice of costume. He also believes he will win an award for his costume at Penny’s party because of his accurate portrayal.

2 When Sheldon meets Professor Proton

Sheldon’s love for science can be considered cheesy, but when he’s able to meet the man who originally made him want to be a scientist, his truly nerdy side comes to life. Sheldon learns that Professor Proton, a former television scientist who appeared on a children’s show, may be booked for children’s parties and jumps at the chance to meet his idol.

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When Sheldon finally meets Professor Proton, he is in shock and does what he can to impress him. He even tries to maintain a friendship long after they meet, and even after Professor Proton has passed away. Sheldon has times in the show when he needs wise advice and relies on Professor Proton to provide it.

1 When Sheldon received Penny’s special Christmas present

For all of Sheldon’s cheesy moments throughout the series, the most memorable is when he received a very special Christmas present from Penny. Sheldon expresses his hatred of Christmas to anyone who will listen to him. So, after Penny receives a gift for Sheldon, he reluctantly searches for a gift for her.

However, when Sheldon opens his present from Penny, he is blown away. Penny’s gift to Sheldon is a Leonard Nimoy napkin. This gift is also special because Leonard Nimoy used the napkin before signing it. Sheldon is so happy with his gift that he gives Penny tons of gifts and a hug in return. This is the most awesomely nerdy moment for Sheldon because it shows his love for Star Trek overcomes his awkwardness with physical touch.

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