Shadow Man’s Cullen Bunn talks about becoming a comic book writer


Shadow Man: Remastered Scribe Cullen Bunn talks about his journey to writing comics and what it means to work in the industry today.

The world of writing is crowded and can be difficult to enter. Writing comics can be seen as a path to more avenues, but getting into it on your own can be a struggle. What does it take to dive into the comic book writing business? Shacknews was fortunate enough to speak with Shadow Man writer Cullen Bunn, a writer on titles such as Deadpool, Venom, and Sinestro, to learn more about his early days in the industry.

“Comics are collaborative media,” Bunn told Shacknews. “You’re always going to be counting on other people, unless you’re one of those very, very lucky and talented people who can do it all on their own. But, you know, networking is important and for me I didn’t have the money to travel to a lot of conventions. I was painfully, painfully introverted to the point that even though I was at conventions, I couldn’t talk to anyone. And I didn’t know how to approach these people for get into comics. My real break came, I was working in a comic book store and one of my coworkers was a stunning artist named Brian Hurt and we started talking about me storytelling, and him drawing stories, and we talked about doing comics together. we were working together, we were talking about making our own comics. It took about ten years for that to happen. “

Bunn goes into his partnership with Hurt and how that led to the creation of The Damned and The Sixth Gun, while later delving into his time working with DC, Marvel, and other major comic book publishers. It also discusses some of the differences between working with small publishers and the two big comic book makers. Bunn also takes on the challenge of conveying decades of great comic book stories, especially in a landscape where people can more easily see their favorite characters in other mediums.

This is the second part of our recent conversation with Cullen Bunn. Don’t forget to watch the first part of our interview, which was about his work on the Shadow Man series. Shadow Man: Remastered is out now on PC. For more interviews like this, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on Youtube.

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