See TikTok artist Audrey Hopkins’ wild character designs


If even in the darkest depths of your imagination, you can’t begin to imagine what Tinker Bell and Pennywise the Clown would look like smashed together into one character, don’t worry, Audrey Hopkins has you covered. Audrey, aka @auditydraws on TikTok, is a Los Angeles-based artist from San Francisco who laughs as she creates wild character mashups for her 12.9 million followers.

What started as Audrey’s copy Garfield newspaper cartoons when I was a kid quickly turned into a full-time art career. Armed with a hatred of Mondays and a love of lasagna, Audrey took lessons in traditional painting and figure drawing in high school, but it wasn’t until she went to college at CSU Long Beach that she discovered her passion for cartoons and digital art. From there, she took her designs to TikTok, where followers quickly became obsessed with her talent and sense of humor.

“I tried to be serious at first, like, ‘Look at this beautiful piece that I made.’ [But] I don’t feel that way about my art, “she told POPSUGAR. Among her many hilarious drawing series, Audrey’s favorites include” What does your name look like as a person? “And mashups. of characters created with the help of her character fusion app called WannaDraw, created by her husband, Rich Conley, who often provides endearing laughs and comments on Audrey’s creations.

“The hardest part for me was definitely Mrs. Incredible with SpongeBob SquarePants, because they’re the most opposing characters you can have.”

“I love the fusion series although it can be very frustrating when you get characters that don’t match,” she said. “So I’m going to spend hours sitting there thinking ‘I don’t know what to do.’” Even though character mashups don’t initially work, Audrey sticks to the fusion wheel and produces a design that, while questionable at times, fits the theme perfectly. “The hardest part for me was definitely Ms. Incredible with SpongeBob SquarePants because they’re the most opposing characters you can have,” she explained. “You have this really round woman with big thighs. You have a square with no legs. It was the worst.” (For those wondering, Audrey describes herself as a blend of Amethyst from Steven Universe and Jake the dog Adventure time.)

Creative blocks aside, Audrey – who cited Kiki’s delivery service and Avatar: The Last Airbender like some of her favorite animated works – is grateful to her TikTok followers for challenging her as an artist. “As artists, we’re kind of constantly evolving and constantly evolving,” Audrey said. “We always say that our job is kind of never done and we never stop improving… I try not to settle into a style. I have a kind of style on TikTok that i draw, but when i draw for myself i try to draw as many different ways as possible because i feel like people are very worried about finding their style. [Instead, you should] care more about loving your own work of art. “

Image Source: Audrey Hopkins

Aside from the odd negative comment, Audrey is grateful for the community she has created on TikTok. “The people were so supportive and loving. It’s such a great community for the most part,” she said. “One person said that I helped him with his depression which was amazing. I have YouTubers and other people that I watch online when I’m sad and they make me feel better, but I don’t never realized I could do this for someone. I’m really happy that I can help people and inspire people to create, to get better and to feel better. “

While her ultimate dream is to work at Pixar and continue publishing on her TikTok page, Audrey’s current plans include updating her “If All 50 States Were People” series, creating video collaborations with Ink masterby Ryan Ashley DiCristina, and inspiring a new generation of internet artists. Some of her favorite artists include Cas3yArt, TootyMcNooty, AbnormalChaos, Camtoonist, Missriahanimates, Okaykaren1 and Milkymichii. “Everything is art around us, and I hope that so many people who want to create art will get there,” she said.

If you’re curious to see what Patrick Star and Edna Mode mashed up would look like or want to see your zodiac sign personified, check out some of Audrey’s most popular videos.

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