Sandman star Jenna Coleman watched Keanu Reeves’ movie Constantine for research

Despite an initially cold reception, the “Constantine” adaptation has its fans, and it’s one of the few DC Comics movies to date with genuine Sandman connections. The film is based on the “Hellblazer” comics created by Alan Moore and Stephen R. Bissette, and Gaiman was already a fan of those comics when he created his own — and the Johanna character. He even featured John Constantine in the third issue of “The Sandman”, and three years later also wrote an issue of “Hellblazer”.

Coleman says she stuck with the “source material and reading” the most when creating her version of Johanna Constantine, and hasn’t watched any other live-action version in the history of the movie. character. In 2014, NBC attempted to remake “Constantine” history with a series starring Matt Ryan. Although it was canceled after one season, Ryan reprized the role in the Arrowverse and voiced the character for DC animated projects like the “Justice League Dark” movie and the “Constantine: City of Demons” web series. . There’s also a series of reboots underway, likely with a new track. Either way, Reeves’ take is one Coleman studied on before playing the character’s ancestor.

If you didn’t like 2005’s “Constantine” and are wondering if “The Sandman” will be worth the wait, don’t worry: it seems Coleman had all the inspiration she needed for the character from the new series. ‘ scenarios. “I had a very instinctive reaction, which was kind of not infiltrated by anything else, just just the script, the page and the character, the person in front of me,” he said. -she shares. “I just felt like I knew who she was instantly.”

“The Sandman” debuts on Netflix on August 5, 2022.

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