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After an exhausting night of tennis, my pals choose not to replace their porridge but instead have a burger (or something that looks like it from afar) and have an adult drink (or a cola nut fruit). in liquid).

As we were doing this the other night, the young waitress passed by on her way to another table. She was carrying a sandwich that appeared to be about 3-4 inches tall. We looked at each other and wondered who could turn their mouth around one of this size.

Dagwood immediately came to our collective mind.

We looked at the guy who ordered it – it wasn’t Dagwood – and wondered if this was his first or second course (he wouldn’t have moved well on the tennis court).

Dagwood first appeared in a comic book titled “Blondie” in September 1930.

Chic Young was the writer until 1973 when he passed creative control to his son Dean. Over the years “Blondie” has been drawn by a number of artists without losing its appeal.

Blondie’s maiden name was “Boopadoop,” derived from the scat song lyrics that were popularized by Helen Kane’s 1928 song “I Wanna Be Loved by You” – which went to No. 2 on the charts this year. that year.

Blondie started out as a boyish girl who spent her days in dance halls with her boyfriend Dagwood Bumstead, a potential heir to an industrial fortune.

Comics – newspapers were the primary medium for most families – was only moderately popular during its first two years.

The Great Depression caused a decline in interest in what were called “pretty girl” stories. So in mid-1932, Young tried to eliminate Dagwood from the picture (literally) by asking his parents to send him on a cruise to Europe. This allowed a mechanic to move into his territory with Blondie.

WHOOPS! Readers didn’t like it, so Dagwood returned from his cruise in late August.

The following months led to a big build-up for Blondie’s pending wedding at Dagwood on February 17, 1933.

In order to get his parents’ “blessing”, Dagwood went on a six-week hunger strike. Senior Bumsteads believed the striking-looking smart blonde was below her social status.

Their disapproval led them to disinherit him. They gave the newlyweds a check to pay for their honeymoon and a “bye bye”.

Young has now placed his couple in a role appealing to most of the United States, a suburban middle-class family.

The wedding became a major media event with the following result: “Blondie’s wedding marked the beginning of a change in her personality. Faced with this point forward, she gradually assumed her position as reasonable head of House Bumstead. And Dagwood, who had previously been cast as the straight man in Blondie’s comedic antics, has taken over as the comic book clown, ”an exhibit at the University of Florida explained. .

The Bumsteads have two children. Alexander was born in November 1934 (a “safe” period after marriage). “Blondie” is a “family gang” so nothing has been shown of the activity that led to Alexander. Cookie followed later in the same unheard of circumstances.

A number of other characters make regular appearances throughout the gang’s play.

Daisy is the family dog ​​who gave birth to puppies in the later years of the gang (under similar unheard of circumstances).

Because the gang started in 1930, Mr. Beasley, the postman, actually made deliveries to the Bumstead letterbox, creating collisions and passing events. If the strip had started today, Dagwood should have collided with Mr. Beasley as he filled the slots at the neighborhood post office kiosk.

The cast of characters couldn’t be complete without JC (Julius Caesar) Dithers, founder of JC Dithers Construction Co. and boss of Dagwood. Dagwood is the office manager, a job he somewhat does despite his lack of skill.

There are other recurring faces that you may know. The only ones who have aged are the two children of Bumstead because the others seem to have resisted Father Time.

The time is up for this column, so I will expand on the appearance of “Blondie” in other media later.

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