CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) – Nerds are on high alert thanks to a rare copy of an iconic comic that ended up in a local store.

The asking price is not cheap. It’s the most expensive comic ever sold in a retail store in Charlottesville, but it could go fast.

It’s a find most comic book collectors can only dream of, and this rare edition is worth thousands of dollars.

“It’s the holy grail of books,” said Telegraph Comics owner David Murray.

While most are familiar with the X-Men movies, the series’ origin dates back 60 years to the comics.

“A book like this from 1963 is actually very hard to find,” said comics expert Joe Fisher.

This kind of rare find is something even comic book fans will love.

“We buy collections every day, buy thousands of comics a month. But this is the biggest thing we’ve ever seen. And as a fan of comics, it’s really cool to see it in nobody,” Murray said.

Vintage comics like this can fetch upwards of $85,000 in pristine condition. Telegraph Comics is asking for $14,500, which Fisher says is a total theft.

“The $14,000 X-Men is actually a little cheaper than both. I brought my X-Men, which is priced at $18,900,” Fisher explained.

The book has been removed from its cover for a unique preview over the weekend. Murray says it has small initials inscribed on the cover, possibly from the original owner, and some minor wear.

Although comics have always been shared and loved, Fisher says the pandemic has changed the industry.

“We’ve seen prices we never thought we’d see,” Fisher said.

Murray says he’s only selling the beloved book to a local owner, and deals are already pouring in.

“This one is in good condition and you know I think it will be a nice addition to someone’s collection,” he said.

If you live in the area and want to make an offer, you might want to do it quickly. Owners say he can be gone in a heartbeat.