“Pure gold”: Internet users hail Cred’s new ad featuring Chacha Chaudhury and Suppandi

From Anil Kapoor to Kumar Sanu, Rahul Dravid and Neeraj Chopra, Cred has over the years roped up celebrities and tried to highlight a lesser-known aspect of their characters as well. Now credit card bill payment app makes people nostalgic by spinning cartoon character Chacha Chaudhury!

Releasing their first animated film, which they titled ‘Not an Commercial’, the company teamed up with Chacha Chaudhary and Suppandi in the latest video to highlight rapidly changing storylines in today’s financial world. ‘hui. For the 2.46-minute animated clip, the creators teamed up with Bakarmax, a popular webcomics and animation design company, as it tried to bring people back in time. While Raghubir Yadav voiced the character of Chacha, Suresh Menon voiced the role of Suppandi.

The film begins with Chacha Chaudhary making “incredible” claims that technologies such as mobile cameras and online transactions existed even in his day. In turn, Suppandi says that these technologies already exist in today’s world. During their epic banter, they discuss a myriad of topics, from NFTs to billionaires going to space, to global warming and people’s daily addiction to memes and reels.

The commercial ends by bringing back the popular cartoon character of Sabu. And by this time, it looks like Chacha Chaudhury has learned the lessons from the crash course he received and asks him to research ways to create an “NFT of his brain.”

The video quickly created a huge buzz online and people couldn’t help but say how much they loved it. However, many joked that it would be a huge shock for Chachi to see how much the world has changed now.

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