Popeye’s original comics return in exclusive Fantagraphics trailer


The new trailer for Fantagraphics features their new four-part original comic book series “Popeye the Sailor Man”.

Popeye the Sailor is collected in its original newspaper strip form by Fantagraphics. The famous Sailors’ Sunday comics will be reissued later this year in a whole new format. Popeye has long been a favorite with comic book readers young and old alike, and the release of this comic is sure to be appreciated by fans of all ages, as well as anyone interested in the history of the comic book. drawn. Popeye has been a pop culture icon for almost a century now – only recently starred in her own film in 2014 and animated shorts to celebrate her ninetieth birthday – and the new collection that Fantagraphics publishes will definitely reinforce this.

Popeye the Sailor – created by Elzie Crisler Segar – has captivated audiences of all ages for decades. First published in tape form in newspapers across the country, Popeye has seen endless adaptations, including a 1980 film starring Robin Williams. Full of classic characters like Popeye himself, his sweetheart Olive Oyl, his gluttonous friend J. Wellington Wimpy and his rival Bluto, the gang are known for their humorous tongue twisters and cartoonish fist fights. The light, classic comic book is a staple of American pop culture and foreshadows the modern obsession with comic book properties.

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Later this year, Fantagraphics will release the first of four collected volumes of Popeye’s Classic Adventure. Volumes collect the full Sunday run Popeye bands. The first volume, Popeye Vol. 1: Olive Oyl and his sweetheart, covers the years 1931 to 1932 and focuses on Popeye’s romance with his sweetheart, Olive Oyl. These two lovebirds are just as likely to mess around as they are holding hands, making them a couple that can be related to – and entertained – to read. Each of the volumes is in an accessible pocket size, perfect for fans who want to read the entire Popeye story. Fantagraphics provided Screen Rant with an exclusive trailer celebrating this first volume, which is below.

This new volume is perfect for a classic cartoon fan. The book’s introduction are tributes to the comic, written by acclaimed cartoonists Sergio Ponchione (a Gran Guinigi Prize winner) and Cathy Malkasian (a British Academy Award nominee for his work on Wild thorns movie). Readers will enjoy watching Popeye chase fame and fortune as a fighter, even going so far as to fight Fort Johnnie Brawn and a literal gorilla. In praise of this new take on the classic Popeye strips has already started, with critics noting that the focus on relevant themes like love, romance, commerce and wacky humor makes this a must-see series.

With Popeye having recently celebrated its ninetieth anniversary in 2018, the hundredth is looming on the horizon. Readers still have a few years to prepare for this important anniversary, and a perfect way to do so is by checking out the comics that made this American icon a household name. The first volume of the four-volume series, Popeye Vol. 1: Olive Oyl and his sweetheart will be released on November 2, 2021.

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