Peter Parker Spider-Man’s Biggest Heroes Collide In Epic Marvel Art

As part of Marvel Comics‘ 60th anniversary Spider-Man, a new cover shows several iconic web-slingers in one epic image.

Across the Marvel Multiverse, many different versions of Spider Man do exist, and in new coverage for part of the web-slinger’s 60th anniversary celebration, some of the greatest heroes who have become Spider-Man in one form or another come together. In Mark Bagley’s variant cover for avengers #59 from Marvel Comics, Peter Parker, Captain Universe Spider-Man, Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider and more collide in the epic image.

the spider worms is filled with tons of web-slingers besides Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, as modern stories and events have greatly increased the number of spider-heroes in the Marvel Comics Universe. In the past decade alone, readers have discovered Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker, Spider-Punk, Spiders-Man, and many more heroes who replace Spider-Man on their Earth. In an epic new cover from superstar artist Mark Bagley, some of the greatest heroes who sported the Spider-Man persona are reunited in an image full of spider-heroes.


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To celebrate Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary at Marvel Comics, the publisher has released 20 new variant covers that will appear on titles from August through October. One of the best covers is by artist Mark Bagley, who brought together many of the Spider’s greatest heroes in one epic Spider-Man cover for avengers #59. The image features Peter Parker’s Captain Universe of Earth-13, Spider-Man’s foundation suit, the Iron Spider, the six-armed Peter Parker, Spider-Man as the Hulk, Deathlok Spider-Man, the Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider, Man-Spider, Spider-Man in his Spider-Armor, Spider-Lizard, Symbiote follows Spidey, and more. The cover theme seemed to capture as many different versions of Peter Parker (and his clones) as possible.

The image captures the wild history of Spider-Man and the many different costumes and alternate versions of Peter Parker that exist across the multiverse. While most fans might know Spider-Man from his classic costume seen in the middle of the image, he’s undergone some significant makeovers and costume changes, including becoming one of the most powerful beings in the world. world after gaining the power of Captain Universe. It’s great that Marvel has big things planned for the 60th anniversary of their most popular comic book character. It’ll be fun to see if any of the stories themselves revisit the eclectic history of Spider-Man costumes.

For readers looking to pick up the excellent cover of Mark Bagley’s Spider-Man 60th Anniversary Celebration Variant, the various costumed Spider-Man heroes will appear on avengers #59 from Marvel Comics. The cover featuring Peter Parker hits comic book stores and online retailers on August 10, 2022. The 20 Spider Man the Beyond Amazing initiative’s celebratory covers will begin in August and end in October.

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