Peach Momoko’s visionary Marvel Comics saga continues in ‘Demon Days: Cursed Web’


Earlier this year, Marvel Stormbreaker artist Peach Momoko made her writing and interior art debut in DEMON DAYS: X-MEN. The first entry in a fascinating new take on the Marvel Universe, DEMON DAYS: X-MEN was a huge success, demanding multiple impressions and receiving rave reviews. The quarterly series will resume next week in DEMON DAYS: MARIKO, setting the stage for September’s DEMON DAYS: CURSED WEB.

DEMON DAYS: CURSED WEB will follow Mariko Yashida as she descends into a dark forest to find answers about her past. Instead, she finds a magical wolf with three toes and a strange girl with a pet spider. But there are also deadly creatures in these woods – a mysterious blue-skinned woman and a giant with super strength and claws – and they blame Mariko!

“It’s been a lot of fun thinking carefully about how to reimagine the Marvel characters in my Momoko verse,” Momoko said. “Keeping just enough of the character for people to guess who it is, but changing him enough to create something very unique. With that in mind, I like to find ideas and stories around these characters to tell my story. Hope everyone enjoys Momoko’s verse.

Check out the main cover above, plus a look at the interior art belowand don’t miss Peach Momoko’s next epic tale when DEMON DAYS: CURSED WEB # 1 releases in September!

DEMON DAYS: Cursed WEB # 1
Art and cover by PEACH MOMOKO
On sale 9/1

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