No Way Home Promo laughs at cartoon rumors

NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell addresses a potential Spida-Mitchell cameo in a Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer that pokes fun at the MCU rumor mill.

Like Spider-Man: No Path Home approaches, Marvel is capitalizing on fan enthusiasm with a conscious publicity that throws NBA star Donovan Mitchell in a fitting cameo role.

“Reports that All-Star Donovan ‘Spida’ Mitchell will appear in Spider-Man: No Path Home, apparently due to an oddity in the multiverse. Or something, “a fictional sports presenter shares with the audience in a short commercial shared on No way homeTwitter account of. The ad features a slew of rumors delivered by various entertainment journalists, including speculation that the film will feature Peter Parker’s career linchpin in full-time podcasting and criminal adoption of a kid. bread.

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These tongue-in-cheek reporting culminates with the introduction of Utah Guardian Jazz Mitchell into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mitchell, who earned the nickname Spida in part because of his skinny prowess over the net as a die-hard dunker, appears in the commercial alongside Tom Holland and Jamie Foxx. “Wait. Am I in Spider-Man: No Path Home? “Mitchell asks fans in response to the fictitious rumor.

Although rumors of Mitchell’s inclusion in No way home is made for publicity, the two-time NBA All-Star probably wouldn’t hesitate to make an appearance in the film if Marvel seriously offered it. Mitchell has previously said that part of the reason he adopted the nickname Spida was that Tobey Maguire Spider Man was one of his favorite movies as a kid.

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No way homeThe latest ad fits into the cycle of raging news and rumors generated by fans’ multiversal hopes for the next MCU installment. Some Marvel rumors generated by No way home have already been confirmed ahead of the film’s release, such as Charlie Cox’s return as Matt Murdock’s Daredevil role in upcoming MCU projects.

Mitchell played the role of the Twitter ad by simply quoting the tweet from the video with a series of shy and thoughtful emojis. If Spida-Mitchell was really making an appearance in Spider-Man: No way home, it would be far from the first time an NBA player has slipped into a mainstream franchise for a fan-service style appearance. From the cameo of Carmelo Anthony as himself in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of the Shadows to Boban Marjanovic’s fight scene in John Wick: Chapter 3, an NBA appearance in the MCU isn’t as far-fetched as the last one No way home advertisement.

With or without Spida-Mitchell in the starting XI, Spider-Man: No Path Home will launch exclusively in theaters on December 17th.

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