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By CHINEDU ASADU, Associated Press

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) – Seven more bodies were found in a high-rise building that collapsed while under construction in Lagos, bringing the death toll to 43, a Cross official said. Nigerian red.

Among the dead is Femi Osibona, director of Fourscore Homes, the real estate company that is building the 21-story luxury tower, Segun Akande told The Associated Press.

No survivors have been rescued from the site since Tuesday.

It’s unclear how many people are still missing, but a construction worker at the scene estimated 100 people were working there when it collapsed on Monday, meaning 48 people could still be missing.

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Distraught families replace their hopes with fear.

According to Ekene Iwuozor, who worked at the site, many of the construction workers were young and from Benin, neighboring southern Nigeria. He escaped the crash because he did not go to work that day, but his 25-year-old brother is among those missing, he said.

“I wasn’t feeling very well, so I told my brother to meet me later. I didn’t know I wouldn’t see him again, he said, shaking his head profusely. “I didn’t even tell my sister. I didn’t say anything to my father. I don’t have a word yet. Let them just end up (with the rescue operation).

Workers at the construction site were paid around $ 5 a day, he said.

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city with more than 14 million inhabitants, began three days of mourning with flags at half mast. An investigation has begun to determine what caused the collapse and whether there were any failures on the part of the regulators.

Attention has also shifted to two other high-rise structures under construction in the complex where the collapse occurred. Structural integrity tests have been ordered “to protect the lives of rescuers during the rescue operation,” Lagos Governor Babjide Sanwo-Olu said.

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