Next Year Com2uS Employees Report To Work / Play Virtual Office

Com2Verse. [Source: Com2uS Corp.]

Com2uS Corp. creates a real-world compatible metaverse world where its employees will be given individual office spaces to enhance the live work and play environment.

The South Korean game publisher on Tuesday unveiled a plan for its employees to start working in the virtual office of its own metaverse platform Com2Verse in the second half of 2022. The company has built a full value chain for its platform. -form of metaverse by investing some 500 billion dollars. earned ($ 421.7 million) in technology and related businesses since 2019.

Its metaverse platform will replicate the real world in a virtual space called the “office world” where 2,500 employees will work. General stores, clinics and banks can open their points of sale in the metaverse space for real services. It will also have a “theme park world” where people can play games and watch movies. A “community world” is also to be added for networking.

CEO Song Byung-joon

CEO Song Byung-joon

To create a metaverse world where all daily activities could take place, the video game company invested nearly 500 billion won in completing the Metaverse value chain. It acquired various game content developers, blockchain technology companies, and non-fungible token (NFT) companies except for 50 billion won invested in shares of mobile-only lender K Bank in July.

Since 2019, Comp2uS has injected more than 100 billion won into 10 game developers, including Devsisters, Allm, and Grampus. He also invested 4.7 billion won in comic book / web novel company Mstoryhub, 20 billion won in media creator Mediacan, in addition to spending 250 billion won in metaverse, blockchain and technology companies. NFT. Specifically, he spent 205.7 billion won in Wysiwyg studios for the design of the metaverse and 12 billion won in Cady Digital for the NFT technology. To facilitate the growth of cryptocurrency and NFT, its holding company Com2uS Holdings Corp. invested 94.4 billion won in the country’s main crypto exchange, Coineone.

By Jin Young-tae and Cho Jeehyun

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