NEWS WATCH: Comic Book Workers United Union trained by IMAGE COMICS staff



Yesterday, a group of IMAGE COMICS employees announced that they had formed a union.

The group has posted the following on their COMIC BOOK WORKERS UNITED website:

For years, comic book publishing workers have seen our professional efforts support creators and delight readers. Sadly, we’ve also seen this same work taken for granted at best and exploited at worst. Keeping our heads above water was the new normal before the pandemic and since its onset we have been expected to take on even greater workloads with fewer resources.

Our workforce and the comic book and publishing industry as a whole are overtaxed and undervalued. This is detrimental not only to the staff, but also to the creators we are paid to serve and the audiences they in turn work to entertain.

Our work is an integral part of the comic book industry. It takes specialist skills, dedication, and results in quality publication.

We love what we do. But loving what you do doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t ask for improvements in your working conditions. It is with this in mind and with great hope for the future of Image Comics and the comic book industry itself that we announce our intention to form a union and call for voluntary recognition.

It shouldn’t be radical or revolutionary, and is, in fact, a natural development for a company that started out as Image Comics.

At the start of the organization, we looked to the founders of Image for inspiration. Their dreams of self-determination and fairer treatment in the industry that they loved and helped make succeed are also our dreams.

We are honored to grow their legacy by taking this step to give all comic book industry professionals, regardless of their title, have the same rights, guarantees, safety and protections that the founders were looking for when they parted ways with the Big Two to start their own businesses. In fact, several months after starting our organizing efforts, Jim Valentino made a comment on social media celebrating union accomplishments. That’s when we knew it could work.

Despite years of anti-union struggle and anti-organizational sentiments within the American workforce, we know that Image has, deep down, a desire to be first when it comes to making what it takes for comic book workers.

This is why we know that we will win, because our success is the success of the business.

Our success is the success of the creators.

Our success is the success of the readers.


  • Emilio Bautista

  • Ryan Brewer

  • Leanna Caunter

  • Marla Eizik

  • Drew fitzgerald

  • Melissa Gifford

  • Chloe ramos

  • Tricia ramos

  • Jon schlaffman

  • Erika Schnatz

Although IMAGE COMICS has not yet officially recognized the Union, the publisher, through Kat Salazar, Publisher’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing issued the following status to Comic Watch:

“Image has always believed in the fair and equitable treatment of staff and has always strived to support employees to the best of our company’s ability in their employment.

The group is represented by the Communications Workers of America.

Stay tuned for more details on the Union and the issues they will address as they are released. In the meantime, check out their website or follow them on social media below:

Twitter: @cbwupdx

Hashtag: #drawingsolidarity

NEWS WATCH: Comic Book Workers United Union trained by IMAGE COMICS staff

Author: Chad Burdette

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