New Disney cartoon of The Roots Questlove and Black Thought premieres

Executive producers and members of hip-hop group The Roots, Questlove and Black Thought present a new Disney animated series titled Get up, sing.

The new musical series will seek to inspire and empower children with positive messages, uplifting tones and cultural affirmations. The new series will begin streaming via Disney+ on Wednesday, February 2, according to Varietyand will air weekends on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Questlove, who is the famous Roots drummer, posted the news on Twitter to his 3.3 million followers, sharing an article and simply writing “a dream”.

In a preview video, which you can see below, Questlove said the new show is both good for kids and “useful for adults to learn.”

Questlove and Black Thought produce the series, as well as the music. And they will also appear in animated form, introducing viewers to the themes of “diversity, inclusion, kindness and self-expression.”

For Disney, the show was created in response to a strong demand for children’s shows that can help parents teach the whole family to respect each other’s differences.

“The ‘Rise Up, Sing Out’ shorts address a lot of real-world issues, especially for young black kids, that were just not talked about when we were growing up,” Quest and Thought shared in a joint statement. “The beautiful thing about these shorts is that not only are they going to provide young children with the appropriate language to talk to their friends and family about some of the things that might be bothering them, but it’s also going to give parents the tools on how to respond.

“We believe now is the perfect time and the perfect time for us to launch this project into the world to plant a seed of kindness that will hopefully have a lasting impact for generations to come.”

Disney has also released the series’ music on streaming platforms so that anyone can enjoy the songs at any time.

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

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