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Yen Press announced that it would publish Tezcatlipocaa detective novel of the prolific Kiwamu Sato who won the 165e Naoki Price and the 34e Yamamoto Shugoro Award. No stranger to prestigious awards, Sato’s first work QJKJQ was the winner of the Edogawa Ranpo Prize, with his follow-up work Ank: a mirror monkey winning the Haruhiko Oyabu Award and the Eiji Yoshikawa Literature Newcomer Award. The yen out of Tezcatlipoca marks the first of Sato’s prestigious novels to be translated into English.

Cover of “Tezcatlipoca” courtesy of Yen Press.

Sato’s works often feature tangled relationships and ruthless, flawed characters who might be the worst of the worst but are stuck with each other until the tragic end. The synopsis of Tezcatlipoca bed:

Following a brutal war with a rival cartel, a certain drug lord flees Mexico and finds himself halfway around the world, where he meets a Japanese organ broker doing business in Jakarta. After their fateful meeting, the two travel to Japan in order to establish a new business in the organ trade. There, the former cartel leader takes a lonely young boy under his wing. These three lives gradually become inextricably tangled in a web of crime, violence and human flesh…

At Kiwamu Sato Tezcatlipoca received critical acclaim from other well-known Japanese authors, such as Miyuki Miyabe (brave story, all she was worth) and Shion Miura (The big passage, Easy life in Kamusari), as well as famous personalities from the world of Japanese media, such as Mamoru Oshii (director of ghost in the shell) and Paru Itagaki (mangaka of BEASTARS). As a publisher of prestigious Japanese works, such as those of Keigo Higashino Namiya General Store Miracles and Tomihiko Morimi The night is short, step on the girlYen On is delighted to welcome Tezcatlipoca and Kiwamu Sato to the English-speaking world.

Yen Press will publish Tezcatlipoca in hardcover and digital in February 2023.

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