Ms. Marvel’s 10 Closest Friends In The Comics

Ms. Marvel eventually premiered on Disney+ on June 8, 2022, marking Kamala Khan’s introduction to the MCU. Starring Iman Vellani as the title character, this series follows Kamala’s teenage years as she becomes New Jersey’s favorite superhero, Ms. Marvel. Of course, this will not be a journey that Kamala will undertake alone.

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So far, the series has featured Kamala’s family and some of her best friends. However, there are still many characters missing from the comics. Whether superpowered or not, Kamala has plenty of close friends and allies in battle who are sure to be coming to the MCU soon.

ten Amulet and Ms. Marvel are very similar

Created by Saladin Ahmed and Sara Alfageeh, Fadi Fadlalah is an Arab teenage superhero from Michigan who moved to New Jersey. His superhero nickname, Amulet, comes from the fact that he can create magical shields called nazar sigils using a powerful talisman that has been in his family for years. He first appeared in Gorgeous Ms. Marvel #13where he helped Kamala against a demon threatening the carnival.

Although Amulet has only appeared in five Marvel comics, he is already one of Kamala’s closest allies, especially in battle. As two teenagers of color living in the same town and trying to balance their normal lives with their superhero duty, they soon realized they had a lot in common.

Self-proclaimed anarcho-atheist Gabe Hillman is Tyesha’s younger brother. He and Kamala first met in Ms. Marvel #5 at Aamir and Tyesha’s engagement party, but they didn’t really connect until 8 issues later when Gabe transferred to Kamala’s school and got to see Ms. Marvel in action.

Given that they’re basically family — the term step-siblings has been used, but he doesn’t really like it — Gabe and Kamala have developed a closer relationship over time. During Kamala’s disappearance, he was one of those who took over fighting crime in New Jersey. Since Tyesha has already been chosen for Ms. Marvelfans are also expecting Gabe to join the MCU.

8 Vivian was Kamala’s teammate in Champions

Vivian, usually referred to as Viv, is a synthezoid created by the Vision in an effort to become more human based on the logic that humans always have families. She first appeared in Vision by Tom King and Gabriel Fernandez, a highly recommended Marvel comic that explores human nature through the perspective of synthezoids.

In 2016, Viv joined the Champions, a new teenage supergroup founded by Miles Morales, Nova, and Ms. Marvel after the Avengers underestimated them. During her time as champion, Viv and Kamala became close friends. Unfortunately, she ended up betraying them at the CRADLE

seven Red Dagger and Kamala learned to trust each other

Kareem, also known as Red Dagger or Laal Khanjeer, is a young Pakistani man from Badin who lives with Kamala’s grandmother in Karachi. He and Kamala met during Ms. Marvel #12 after Kamala’s visit to Karachi. Unfortunately, they didn’t get along, both being suspicious of each other.

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Later, during Ms. Marvel #23, Kareem visited New Jersey as an exchange student while living with the Khan family. Since his presence in New Jersey made Kamala insecure, they weren’t exactly nice to each other. However, they developed a bickering relationship, evidently rooted in mutual appreciation and trust.

6 Mike Gutierrez and Kamala almost had bad blood

Michaela Gutierrez Miller, also known as Mike, is a smart, blue-haired girl who goes to school at Coles Academic High School alongside Kamala and her other friends. She first appeared as the girlfriend of Bruno Carrelli. Given Kamala’s romantic tension with Bruno, it didn’t sit well with the hero at first.

However, his grudge did not last long. After meeting Mike, Kamala realized she was a great person. They have become very good friends. After Bruno left for Wakanda with Kwezi in Ms. Marvel #12, Kamala made sure to keep Mike busy so she didn’t suffer for her ex-boyfriend.

5 Zoe Zimmer started out as Kamala’s nemesis

Originally Kamala’s bully, Zoe Zimmer was the Queen Bee at Coles Academic High School. Popular and beautiful, she was a totally mean girl. However, his attitude changed after the Secret Wars convergence, where Earth-616 and Earth-1610 almost became one.

Being so close to death caused Zoe to re-evaluate her life. She ditched her old ways, befriended Kamala, dumped her boyfriend Josh, and became a lesbian. After this change in attitude, she became one of Kamala’s closest friends and one of the most important allies alongside Nakia and Bruno.

4 Nova and Kamala have created a new super team together

Samuel “Sam” Alexander is the son of former Nova Centurion Jesse Alexander. After Gamora and Rocket Raccoon trained him to use his father’s helmet, he joined the Avengers, but quit along with Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man. The three friends founded the teenage supergroup, the Champions.

As Sam was suspicious of Kamala and refused to reveal his true identity to her, Sam and Kamala had a rocky start. However, that changed soon enough. Now that Nova has been confirmed to join the MCU, fans are certainly hoping to see them side by side in battle.

3 Nakia Bahadir is Kamala’s first friend

A social activist of Turkish origin, Nakia Bahadir is Kamala’s best friend. As her family also belongs to the Khan Family Mosque, she and Kamala have been in each other’s lives from the beginning. When they were younger, they bonded over the fact that their names were “strange” for their context.

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Like all of Kamala’s friends, Nakia is a brave and smart girl who also helps Ms. Marvel in her superhero pursuits. Nakia is a very devoted Muslim and a super loyal friend. For example, when Zoe confessed to having a crush on her, Nakia respectfully let her know that she didn’t feel the same but would support her no matter what.

2 Miles Morales is Kamala’s closest super friend

Originally from Earth-1610, Miles Morales became Spider-Man after being bitten by a genetically modified spider in a universe where Peter Parker had died. After the Multiverse was destroyed and rebuilt during the Secret Wars, he and his family relocated to Earth-616. Here he met Ms. Marvel.

As teenagers, Kamala and Miles bonded over many topics, but mostly over the disappointment of seeing their adult heroes act the way they did during Second Civil War. After leaving the Avengers, they created their own super team, the Champions. Eventually, Miles also left that team, but he and Kamala remained in communication.

1 Bruno Carrelli is Kamala’s best friend

Bruno Carrelli has been Kamala’s best friend since they were young, as well as her primary love interest on the show. He is a young Italian-American man who helped Kamala with his super alter ego from the first moment. Bruno’s unquestioning loyalty, combined with his awesome IQ of 170, makes him Kamala’s most useful ally.

In theory, the relationship between Kamala and Bruno is perfect. They love each other, support each other and share many things. Unfortunately, Kamala’s time as Ms. Marvel hasn’t given them time to try it out for real. In the meantime, Bruno remains Kamala’s closest friend in the comics as well as the TV series. Hopefully that won’t change soon in any of these universes.

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